Polk Audio EX2540 Car Audio System

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Polk Audio EX2540 Car Audio System

EX Series II

Competition quality and excitement, at prices barely more than the boring stuff.

The EX2540 is an outstanding component system value. To match this performance you'd have to spend a lot more moolah.

The EX2540 features:

* Liquid Crystal Polymer driver cones for better performance and reliability
* Rubber surrounds for long term high performance
* 3/4" (19mm) dome tweeter
* Silk/polymer composite dome tweeter for smooth, detailed highs
* Neodymium tweeter magnet for higher efficiency and smaller size
* Fluid cooling for higher power handling
* Straight and 15-degree angled surface mount cups and flush mount cups are included
* Low profile designs ensure a perfect fit in a wide variety of locations
* Corrosion-proof gold plated crossover terminals
* Second order Butterworth crossover filters

EXII speakers use materials that are usually found only in speakers costing much more. The butyl rubber surrounds help give them smooth midrange and extended bass response, and won't tear or crack like foam rubber surrounds found in other brands. The polymer composite cones in the midranges and woofers are moisture resistant and light -- yet extremely rigid for lightning quick response with extremely low distortion.

Speakers have to fit into your car, huh? Extensive database research helped us develop a multi-hole drop-in system to fit virtually every application. From a Miata to a Firebird to a Jeep Wrangler, there's an EX Series II speaker that drops right into your car. No cutting. No knuckle banging. No hassle. We are ALL ABOUT database research here at Polk Audio.

The Polk EX Series. They're everything you need in a car speaker. Incredible Sound/Affordable Price. Designed to fit. Built to last.