Polk Audio EX3500 Tweeter

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Polk Audio EX3500 Tweeter

Engineered to deliver crystal clear highs, the EX3500 Component Tweeter also has the mounting flexibility for ideal placement and performance. Our big 1" soft dome tweeter, handles more power and delivers smoother response than the smaller domes used by other brands.

No other tweeter in this price range features this kind of technology: the aimable Elliptical Lens—Polk's exclusive high frequency focusing technology. The easy-to-aim Elliptical Lens focuses the system's high frequency response directly to the listening position, away from reflective surfaces, to create pinpoint imaging, a high "above the dash" soundstage and precise high frequency detail. Install it in one of three included mounting cups—for a truly professional sound system, at a truly unbelievable price.

The EX3500 features:

* Polymer treated parachute silk Soft Dome for high power handling and smooth response.

* Efficient enough to perform with stock head units.

* Polk's exclusive Elliptical Lens to focus high frequency response for pinpoint imaging and detail.

* Three Tweeter Mounting Cups included (Flush, Straight Surface and Angled Surface Mount) to even further customize the tweeter radiation pattern.

* Neodymium magnet technology makes the EX tweeter small and powerful.

* In-line crossover (12dB/Octave for both low- and high-pass), combined with the large (1 inch) tweeter dome, results in higher power handling and better performance.