Polk Audio GNX108 Car Subwoofer

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Polk Audio GNX108 Car Subwoofer

Is a subwoofer frivolous? I don't think so. Imagine your car without carpeting. Imagine your word processor without a spell-checker (did I spell "frivolous" right?). Imagine The Beatles without Paul. You get my point. What good is pounding beats, if you're not pounding, dawg? Plaster bass all over the place, with this 10" diameter, 8-Ohm Car Subwoofer.

Like all the GNX Subs, it's totally optimized to work great in virtually any type of enclosure from Sealed to Vented to Band-Pass (if you can build it, GNX will rock it!)... Without emptying your wallet.

* GNX Subs are available in two sizes, 10 inch and 12 inch, and three flavors of impedance, including Dual Voice Coil models (which can be paralleled for 4-Ohm or 2-Ohm loads).
* Optimized for high performance in virtually any enclosure type: sealed, vented and bandpass.
* Super strong and durable Poly-Mica Cones for gut-pounding bass.
* Huge, injection molded ABS dust cap further stiffens the cone to supress unwanted resonance. You get incredible low distortion, high impact bass response.
* Extra beefy (beefy!) magnet structure and motor assembly for high output bass with tight control.
* Four-layer vented voice coil runs cool while your music stays hot.
* Vented pole piece for higher efficiency and ultra high power handling.
* Gold-plated three-way wire terminals for secure wire termination (fast-on, solder or screw terminal choices)
* Durable rubber surround for extended life performance.