Polk Audio GXR12 Car Subwoofer

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Polk Audio GXR12 Car Subwoofer

The easiest way to upgrade your car audio experience is to add a subwoofer. With little or no hassle, GXR Series Subwoofers pop into the most conveniently-sized enclosures and sound great even with low power systems (so there's no pressure to upgrade your electronics to get great impact from a car subwoofer).

* Cool sport utility styling.
* Optimized for high efficiency in sealed and vented enclosures.
* Super strong & durable Poly/Mica cones.
* Vented pole piece cools the voice coil for high power handling and reliability.
* Awesome performance for less than $100!

Big, bold styling and durable, quality-built construction looks cool and stands up to the elements for serious bass performance without seriously breaking your budget. It's the best way to get into car audio: affordable performance that's good enough to please the pros!

Driver Complement
Woofer: 1 - 12" Diameter (30.48cm)

Overall Frequency Response: 25-400Hz
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Power Handling (continuous): 165 w
Power Handling (peak): 365 w
Efficiency: 90 dB
Voice Coil Diameter: Driver: 1-1/2" (3.81cm)

Install Dimensions
Full-range Mounting Depth:
Top Mount: 5-1/4" (13.34cm)
Bottom Mount: 5-5/8" (14.29cm)
Driver Cut-out Diameter: 11" (27.94cm)

Thiele/Small Parameters
Resonant Frequency: 25.91 Hz
Qms: 7.75
Qes: 0.50
Qts: 0.47
Vas: 4.83ft3
Sd: 82.29in2
Xmax (linear): 0.24
Le: 1.32 mH