Polk Audio MM12 Car Subwoofer

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Polk Audio MM12 Car Subwoofer

Polk Audio/MOMO High Performance Car Audio Speakers are engineered by Polk Audio with ultra high-tech materials for competition-level performance and durability. They're styled exclusively by MOMO, the world's preeminent designer of racing accessories, to look as good as they sound. And for motor sports enthusiasts the world over, a MOMO product is a charismatic symbol of the finest quality.

When you consider your car an extension of your personality, Polk Audio/MOMO High Performance Car Audio is the perfect synthesis of technology and design.

The second-generation Polk/MOMO subwoofers are the most advanced and highest performing subwoofer drivers Polk has ever offered. They set a new performance standard for their class.

* Easy to install, just hook it up and secure it in your trunk!
* Perfectly optimized for best possible bass response from the pre-installed high performance Polk/MOMO Subwoofer.
* Available in two sizes: 10" (MM10) and 12" (MM12).
* Heavy Duty Enclosure, custom engineered of non-resonant 1" (25mm) MDF.
* 1/2" (12mm) -Thick curved, flame polished Plexiglas shows off the Polk/MOMO Subwoofer with show-car pride.
* 26 Allen Screws and an airtight gasket system secure the plexi to the cabinet to ensure strength, rigidity and flat out cool cosmetics.
* Enclosure finished in durable high-gloss enamel.
* Enclosure interior padded with 1/2"-thick Anti-resonance Closed Cell Foam.
* 14-gauge interior wire connections for efficient power transfer.