Polk Audio MM124 Car Subwoofer

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Polk Audio MM124 Car Subwoofer

Don't let your MM Series Sub go nekkid! Get an exclusive Polk/MOMO Custom Sub Grille.

Polk Audio/MOMO High Performance Car Audio Speakers are engineered by Polk Audio with ultra high-tech materials for competition-level performance and durability. They're styled exclusively by MOMO, the world's preeminent designer of racing accessories, to look as good as they sound. And for motor sports enthusiasts the world over, a MOMO product is a charismatic symbol of the finest quality.

When you consider your car an extension of your personality, Polk Audio/MOMO High Performance Car Audio is the perfect synthesis of technology and design.

The second-generation Polk/MOMO subwoofers are the most advanced and highest performing subwoofer drivers Polk has ever offered. They set a new performance standard for their class.

* Optimized for small (.88 cu ft) sealed enclosures.
* Heavy gauge (.45mm), 4-layer Voice Coil on a Kapton former (1) is lightweight, fast and reliable. We used state-of-the-art, laser-based Klippel measurement technology to perfectly center the voice coil in the magnetic field, improving X-max and BL linearity as well as micro and macro dynamics. It flat-out sounds better than the competition.
* Heavy gauge Nickel-Plated binding post terminals (2) for secure connections with large gauge (up to 10 ga.) wire.
* Massive Cast Aluminum Basket (3) -a patented design-is rock-solid, non-flexing and acoustically inert, with extra heat dissipating qualities, for Polk/MOMO professional sound quality and reliability!
* Vented Coil/Cone Coupler (4) constructed of rigid injection-molded ABS distributes the motive force of the Voice Coil over a larger surface area of the cone (as if the Voice Coil were "wearing snowshoes"!). The result is a vast reduction in distortion-producing cone break-up and resonance. Can you say quick, clean and deep? That's Polk/MOMO-style bass!
* Kapton voice coil former (5) is high temperature-rated and retains it shape even if the driver ever "bottoms out"
* Concave Aluminum-Clad Injection-Molded ABS Cone (6) for maximum stiffness and minimized cone break-up resonance for tight, clean and articulate bass response.
* Huge Hi-roll Butyl Rubber surround (7) allows longer cone excursion for high-impact bass and lower distortion.
* Flat Conex Spider (8) for lower distortion, more linear motion, and better support.
* Colossal four-pound magnet structure (9) for high efficiency, and Vented Pole Piece for cool high power handling.
* MOMO Design Quasar 2 rim-style Grille available as an optional accessory (model G12, pictured below)
* Airtight gaskets on the front and the back of the basket insure an airtight installation. The rear gasket is removable for "show off" installations.
* Triple vented for maximum airflow, heat dissipation and high power handling: Vented Coil/Cone Coupler, Vented Spider Platform and Vented Pole Piece all allow cooling air to freely flow over heat-generating parts to better harness all the watts your amp can dish out.