Polk Audio MM6 Car Audio System

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Polk Audio MM6 Car Audio System

Polk/MOMO Championship Performance car audio speakers are engineered by Polk Audio with ultra high-tech materials for competition-level performance and durability. They're styled exclusively by MOMO, the world's preeminent designer of racing accessories, to look as good as they sound. And for motor sports enthusiasts the world over, a MOMO product is a charismatic symbol of the finest quality.

When you consider your car an extension of your personality, Polk Audio/MOMO High Performance Car Audio is the perfect synthesis of technology and design.

You'll say, Whoa, that's a cool speaker when you hear the new MM6 6.5" 2-way component system. Housed in a show off cast aluminum basket, it features a poly/mica composite cone, airtight Butyl rubber surround and flat Conex spider for more than torture-proof durability; you'll hear rock solid mid-bass response and lifelike midrange detail, all pouring forth through the unique "billet-style" open grille. And the highs...clean, clear and uterly free of harshness and distortion. Polk/MOMO is built tough and backed by a powerful three year Parts and Labor warranty.


* Design patented, "show-quality" Cast Aluminum Basket & open-design cast aluminum Grille for the clearest midrange performance.
* Built tough and backed by a three-year Parts and Labor warranty.
* Polypropylene Cone benefits from Polk's exclusive Dynamic Balance technology to minimize cone break-up and resonance for wider response and lower distortion. Polk/MOMO delivers the clearest, most detailed midrange performance of any speaker in its class.
* Low mass Carbon Fiber dustcap delivers smoother upper-midrange response for the ultimate in vocal accuracy and clarity.
* Airtight Butyl Rubber Surround and strong Conex spider for torture-proof durability and solid mid-bass response with lifelike midrange detail.
* Flat Spider for extended linear motion.
* Vented Pole Piece for cool high power handling.
* 1.5" Voice Coil for better low frequency response and an "up front" bass image.


* 1 inch Silk Dome Tweeter for highs that are detailed, clean and extended - "bright without bite."
* Tweeter features small-but-powerful neodymium magnet for ultra-high efficiency in a tiny package that will fit just about anywhere.
* Fluid cooled for high power handling. Tweeter comes with durable rustproof hardware and 2 swivel mounting cups (surface mount and flush mount) for installation flexibility and pinpoint imaging.


* New Crossover Design, with 3-position Tweeter Level Adjustment (0dB, -3dB and -6dB)
* Midrange Extension switch bypasses the driver's low-pass filter for installations where the driver and tweeter are physically separated.
* Crossover features Mylar Capacitor/Air-Core Inductor components, for better dynamic impact and transparency
* Pro-Grade Gold-Plated Crossover Terminals for the most secure high-performance wire connections.
* Vented Crossover housing allows heat-generating crossover components to stay cool for greater reliability-and it looks real cool too!