Polk Audio dX10-4 Car Subwoofer

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Polk Audio dX10-4 Car Subwoofer

When a 12 inch woofer just won't fit, here's your chance: a medium-size dX Sub for big bass in smaller spaces! Optimized for small sealed enclosures (.66 cubic foot), the dX10 delivers deep, tight, musical bass and a whole array of impressive features:

* Polymer and graphite composite cones -- the stiffest cones in the autosound industry! Able to withstand the enormous pressures generated inside small enclosures without breakup and distortion.
* High mass cones allow awesome low frequency tuning in small enclosures.
* Thick ABS dustcaps prevent the distortion that can be caused by the build up of air pressure behind the cap.
* High durometer rubber surrounds provide a much tighter and more durable air seal behind the cone than foam, paper, or cloth surrounds; for deep, tight, quick bass. Also, rubber surrounds don't dry rot like the foam surrounds used by other manufacturers.
* Extra long, precision wrapped and vented coils for superior cooling and high power handling.
* Four layer, 2" voice coil handles the heat generated when your amp is really cranking.
* Vented pole piece lets air circulate over the voice coil to keep it cool and in control even when the bass is really thumping.
* 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm versions available: Choose the impedance that suits your personal system design, including exotic isobaric and push-pull types.

If you're serious about your car stereo -- don't bother with cheap-o speakers. Go for the gusto of the dX Series Loudspeakers. They give you the ultimate in performance, flexibility, and control. They contain some amazing technology -- the kind that makes them tough enough to take the heat, and powerful and efficient enough to inspire many a road trip.

Driver Complement
Woofer: 1 - 10" Diameter (25.40cm)
Polymer composite subwoofer

Overall Frequency Response: 20 - 300Hz
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Power Handling (continuous): 300 w
Power Handling (peak): 600 w
Efficiency: 85 dB
Voice Coil Diameter: Driver: 2" (5.08cm)
Magnet Weight: 40.00 oz.
Driver Mounting Depth
Top Mount: 4-1/2" (11.43cm)
Bottom Mount: 4-3/4" (12.06cm)
Driver Cut-out Diameter: 9-3/10" (23.62cm)