Sanyo CCA-BC200 Backup Camera System

Sanyo Updated: 2008-08-07 RSS
Sanyo CCA-BC200 Backup Camera System

Provide additional protection from potential hazards when backing up.  SANYO's CCA-BC200 Rear View Backup Camera System offers numerous features which provide precise views so you can back up safely with confidence.

Enhanced Images via AirCam™ Technology:  Sanyo's backup camera system offers the most natural perspective & view by digitally correcting distorted images typical of wide angle view cameras. Now, there's no need to interpret distorted “fish-eye” or wide angle images.  Sanyo's backup camera even offers AirCam™, giving you more accurate and precise views for tight spots and difficult maneuvers.

Flexible Mounting Options:  Once mounted on your vehicle, Sanyo's backup camera system allows you to set the camera's viewing angle. Whether low on a bumper or up high toward the roof, Sanyo's camera system will be able to provide clear and precise views of the area behind your vehicle.

Off Center Image Adjustment:  See a centered image of the area behind your vehicle regardless if the camera is mounted to the left, center, or right side.

SANYO's Rear View Backup Camera can be used with your car video monitor system and connects through RCA video input.  The CCA-BC200 works with almost any vehicle.  It's perfect for use with trucks, sport utility vehicles, high profile vehicles, RV's & campers, vehicles with tow capabilities, commercial vehicles and more!


Connects to any car video monitor system with RCA video input
Digitally corrects images for precise and natural views
Exclusive SANYO AirCam (TM) technology
Back up safely with confidence