Casio PCR-26S Cash Register

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Casio PCR-26S Cash Register

The PCR-26S Entry Level Cash Register that includes 10 Departments, 100 Price Look Ups and allows tracking sales of up to 8 Clerks.

Technical Specs

* 10 Departments - Register will record transactions in 10 categories and total by category on department report (5 Department keys with 2 shift levels)
* 100 Price Look Ups - PLU function memorizes price for 100 items allowing for quicker item entry
* 8 Clerk totals - Allows tracking sales of 8 clerks using clerk number system
* Quiet high-speed printer
* IR-40 Ink roller
* X/ For key
* 2 Tax tables
* Heavy-duty cash box with media slot
* Automatic time and date advance
* Calculator function
* 3 payment media - Cash, Check, & Charge
* Complete security - Mode key switch, drawer lock, error and look-up alarm
* Merchandise Subtotal function
* Dimensions: 14.3/16"(L) x 13"(W) x 8.3/4" (H)
* Weight: 9.4 lbs

Electrical Specifications

120V: 220V: 230V: 240V
Power Consumption: In operation Max.: 0.1 A: 0.05 A: 0.05 A: 0.05 A
Memory protection: Back-up Battery
Back-up period
Battery Life: Mangan Battery (UM-3 x 3 pcs)
1 year (25°C)
Replace the battery every 1 year.
Clock & Calendar: Accuracy
Auto Calendar: With +/- 30 sec. per month
Effective until 2099 A.D.

Environmental Specifications
* Operating temperature: 0°C-40°
* Operating humidity: 10%-90%
* Storage temperature: -25°-65°C
* Storage humidity: 10%-95%
* Vibration strength: 1.5G (The machine must in the carton box)

Main Components
CPU: Name
Number of control bit
Mask ROM (Built-in)
RAM (Built-in): UPD780058BGC124-8BTA
8 bit
60 Kbytes
1024 bytes
Printer: Name
Print Method
MCBF: M-42V-009-040
Print Wheel selecting type serial printer
700,000 lines
Roll Paper: Type
Roll diameter: Fine-quality paper
Width 57.5 +/- 0.5mm
80mm or less

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