SHARP ER-A330 Commercial Cash Register

SHARP Updated: 2007-10-26
SHARP ER-A330 Commercial Cash Register

The ER-A330 is easy to use and results in fewer errors and greater productivity even for the most novice user. The ER-A330 allows you to handle and tabulate data easily. And with the ER-A330, you get big ECR performance without the big ECR price.


Compact cabinet design
Make efficient use of valuable counter space while enhancing operations.

10 standard departments, expandable to 50
Efficiently categorize products by department, allowing you to track sales by product type, size, shelf location, etc.

Full range of management reports
Provide extensive reporting capabilites to monitor all customer transactions.

Single line validation
Operators can mark documents such as checks, gift certificates with critical date and time information.

Large LED display
With its high visibility LED pop-up display, you're assured of increased customer service.

Built-in calculator
It's easy for an operator to do individual calculations without affecting sales data.

up to 750 PLUs
Price look ups ensure price accuracy, ease of operation and increased customer throughput.

Food stamp capability
Provide an audit trail for food stamps tendered, for complete accountability.

Display Type: L.E.D. Green Display
Operator Display: 1 Line / 10 Digit Numeric, 7 Segments
Customer Display (pop-up): 7 Digits / 7 Segments
Symbols: 1 Digit (Minus: -, Error: E, Program: P, Subtotal: o, Change: Low Battery: L, Finalized: F)
Repeat: 1 Digit
Department: 2 Digits
Additional Functions: Receipt / Journal Independent Feeding, On / Off Receipt Key, Stamp Function, 2-Ply Single Line Validation