Xerox 3030 Engineering Copier

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Xerox 3030 Engineering Copier

* Walk-up engineering copier saves time, money and wasted steps
* Monochrome copies of black-and-white or color originals typically run at speeds that are up to 8 times faster and at a lower cost per copy than making additional prints on inkjets
* Boosts productivity -- makes as many as 15 copies without re-feeding your drawing
* Protects your investment in information and helps you maintain the quality of your documents

* Up to 15 copies from a single original at the rate of 4 D-size prints per minute
* Fully automatic multiple copying
* Dual language interactive message display gives operating status and maintenance instructions
* Partial copy to reproduce only the image area you need
* Programmed job selection to quickly set up and enable frequently used job applications

Key Applications
* Ideal for larger workgroups, small AEC firms, and others who produce collated sets
* Compact footprint and quiet operation make it an easy addition to any environment

Rated speed: 15 linear feet per minute
Throughput: 2 E-size (36" x 48") or 4 D-size (24" x 36") ppm
Warm-up time: Cold start: 5 to 7 minutes
Power-saver standby: Less than 3 minutes
First-copy-out time: Less than 20 seconds for D-size

Printed Sides: Simplex

User Interface: Interactive dual-language message display

Paper Handling
Paper sources: One on-line feed roll, Manual bypass for special media applications
Media Dimensions - Minimum: 8.5 x 11 inches
Media Dimensions - Maximum: Single copy mode: 36 inches x 20 feet
Multi-copy mode: 36 x 60 inches
Media Types: 20 lb. xerographic bond, 20 lb. xerographic zero solvent vellum, .004 drafting film
Document Types: Opaque, translucent, and transparent documents
Thickness: Up to 1/8" thick

Other Input Devices: Work Organizer: Convenient storage tray for originals enhances operator efficiency; provides easier handling of valuable originals
Long Document Guides: Enables easy handling of long originals
Optional document carrier recommended for damaged or very delicate documents

Stacker: Document Stacker

Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC / 20 amp dedicated line
Dimensions: W: 57"; D: 27"; H: 46.25"

Security Features: On-board electronic Auditron