Xerox 721 Copy System

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Xerox 721 Copy System

* Handles high volumes faster, easier, and at a lower cost of ownership
* Choice of FreeFlow Accxes™ and/or PlotWorks controller enhances compatibility options to match business needs
* Upgradable any time, without replacing equipment
* Self-cleaning features reduce operator and service effort, while maintaining superior image quality and reducing print failures
* Single-component toner system creates zero waste, increasing equipment reliability and providing exceptional toner yields

* Scan system provides full multifunctional support to complement business processes -- printing, copying, full-color scan-to-file, and scan-to-print
* Prints at up to 22 D-size (A1) prints per minute
* 400 x 400 dpi resolution with outstanding grayscale renderings in 256 levels
* Software Feature Keys enable easy on-site upgrades

Key Applications
* Centralized reprographics departments
* Commercial reprographics firms
* Print-for-pay businesses

Rated speed: 9.4 ips
Resolution: Printer: 400 x 400 dpi
Scanner: 400 x 400 dpi (color and monochrome)
Rated copy speed: 7.3 ips at 400 dpi
Scan speed: 4 ips at 400 dpi; 8 ips at 200 dpi
Color Scan-to-Net: .5 ips at 400 dpi; 1.0 ips at 300 dpi
Throughput: Up to 22 ANSI/20 ARCH D-size, 11 ANSI/10 ARCH E-size prints per minute
First-copy-out time: 12 sec
* Other Copying Features: Concurrency: Scan/Copy/Print
* Digital Retention: Up to 999 copies from a set of at least 100 standard E-size (A0) drawings
* Copy Modes: Line, Mixed, Photo
* Imaging: Inverse, Mirroring, Transform, Rotation, 7 copy contrast levels
* Output: Auto/Manual Roll Selection and Scaling

Printed Sides: Simplex

* PDLs: With FreeFlow Accxes Controller: HP-GL2, FileNET, Xerox Emulation 150, Versatec Data Standards, CalComp, TIFF 6.0, NIRS, CALS 1&2, RLE, CGM, VCGL
* Optional: Adobe PostScript 3, PDF
* With PLP Plotworks: HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, CalComp 906/907, CALS Type 1, TIFF 3 and 4, BMP, XIF, PCX, VRF, JPG, DCX, DGN, CGM, PDF, AutoCAD.dwg, AutoCad.dwt, PostScript, Reprodesk/Apprentice--JOB, VIC, PEN and SET files
Network Interfaces: TCP/IP with lpr/lpd standard
With PLP Plotworks: FreeFlow™ Accxes Controller via network connection; PLP Scorpion Interface Card
CPU: Celeron
Process/Imaging: Xerographic LED
Memory: 512 MB standard
With PLP PlotWorks: 512 MB standard; expandable up to 2 GB
Hard Disk: 80 GB IDE SATA
With PLP PlotWorks: 20 GB EIDE, 48x IDE CD-ROM Drive

Paper Handling
Paper sources: 4 rolls, manual sheet bypass
Standard paper capacity: 500 feet
Media Dimensions - Minimum: 8.5 x 11 inches
Media Dimensions - Maximum: 36" x 20' (36" x 78.75' option programmable by Service person)
Media Types: Bond, vellum, film

Other Input Devices: Manual sheet bypass

Optional High Capacity Stacker: Optional High Capacity Stacker: Stacker 1000 stacks up to 1,000 mixed size prints
Output Tray: Optional Catch Tray: 50 E-size/100 D-size

Print Controllers
Digital Front Ends: FreeFlow Accxes Controller; PLP PlotWorks Controller