Hitachi C10LA Cabinet Saw

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi C10LA Cabinet Saw

Hitachi's C10LA cabinet saw is an ideal choice for any professional's shop to make continuous cross cuts, rip lumber and cut dadoes. It is driven by a powerful induction motor that produces 1-1/2HP (3-1/4HP Peak) and is built to run for long periods of time making quick and efficient repetitive cuts.

* Powerful 15Amp induction motor produces 1-1/2HP (3-1/4HP Peak) and 3,450 RPMs to handle continuous and repetitive production work
* Enclosed steel cabinet and covered "smile" on the front of the base prevents dust and debris from escaping into the workshop
* A 4" dust port can be connected to a shop vac or dust collection system for a cleaner work environment
* Large table top is constructed of cast iron and measures 27-1/8" x 40-1/8"
* Comes with a rear out-feed extension table to provide additional material support during use
* Easy to operate fence is equipped with replaceable Melamime boards that won't mark material
* Also on board the fence are easy to read micro adjustment dials that help the user to precisely dial-in to the desired position for quick and accurate settings
* Fence glides along large aluminum rail extensions that support rips up to 30" to the right and 18" to the left of the blade for maximum flexibility
* Located on top of the table is a convenient bevel scale that allows the user to accurately adjust the bevel of the blade to the left
* Both bevel and height adjustment knobs for the blade are situated on the front of the cabinet for easy access and viewing
* Equipped with a t-slot miter gauge that features a large scale with adjustable positive stops at 0, 15,30,45 and 60 degrees to the left and right to help guide material accurately
* On board storage for the miter gauge, rip fence and power cord adds convenience
* Oversized power switch with emergency off safety cover is designed at knee level for immediate shut down as an added safety feature


* Push Stick
* Fence
* T-slot Miter Gauge
* Dado Table Insert
* Rear Out-Feed Extension Table
* 10" 36T Carbide Blade