Hitachi C10RA3 Jobsite Table Saw

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi C10RA3 Jobsite Table Saw

The C10RA3 10" Jobsite Table Saw is engineered for rip-sawing and cross-cutting of ordinary wood, hardwood, plywood, composite wood materials and plastics. The C10RA3 comes equipped with a stand and is an ideal choice for any workshop or jobsite.

* Direct drive universal 15 Amp motor produces 5,000 RPM to power through the toughest ripping applications
* Oversized aluminum table top for extra support
* Telescoping table extension supports 24-1/2" of ripping capacity to the right and 10" to the left
* Self aligning metal rip fence with quick-lock slides easily along the table for reliable, consistent and easy set up
* Cut line indicator allows the user to pre-align cuts with ease
* Front mounted knob allows the user to quickly adjust the blade height and side mounted knob adjusts the blade tilt
* Sturdy metal stand is included to support the base and can be removed and folded away for easy portability
* Stand offers an adjustable foot on the front right leg that helps to stabilize the saw on uneven ground
* Integrated storage on the base keeps the standard accessories securely on board during transport
* Dust  port located at the rear of the base measures 2-1/2" and connects to a shop vac or dust collection system for a cleaner work environment


* 10" 36-Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade
* Miter Gauge
* Rip Fence
* Dado Insert
* Wrench
* Folding Metal Stand