Hitachi C7YAH Dust Reducing Circular Saw

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi C7YAH Dust Reducing Circular Saw

The C7YAH 7 1/4" Dust Reducing Circular Saw cuts fiber cement board. It is equipped with a PCD HardiBlade.

* One of the most efficient dust collection saws on the market
* Ergonomic dust collection shroud, keeps work area clear of over 90% of debris
* Dust removal options, includes dust bag, vacuum or dust deflector to keep the work area clean and reduce airborne particles
* Hardiblade optimal, recommended to easily cut fiber cement siding products
* Nickel plated cast aluminum base, resists scratching fiber cement siding products
* 13 Amp motor,  forcible power for the toughest cutting jobs
* Cutting line indicator, highly visible sight lines at 45 and 90 degrees for duplicate precision cuts
* Carbon brush access, allows user to replace brush as needed to greatly prolong the life of the tool


* 4T PCD HardiBlade (18008)
* 10/13mm Wrench (957683)
* Dust Bag (319296)
* Dust Deflector (319297)