Hitachi CB75F Band Saw

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi CB75F Band Saw

The CB75F Band Saw cuts various wood materials, tenons and fixtures. The CB75F can be used for tilted/angled cutting operations as well as curve cutting via the use of various narrow-width band saw blades.

* Rack and pinion fence, adjusts to provide smooth operation and accuracy
* Hand brake, delivers extra safety
* ¼” – 3” Blades accepted, for flexible applications
* 11-13/16” max cutting height, increases work piece capabilities
* 45 Degree table tilt, enables angled cutting operations
* Miter gauge groove, can be used as a reference for linearity?
* Curve cutting, can be accomplished with use of various narrow blades


* Guide
* M8 Hex Bar Wrench