Hitachi H65SD2 Demolition Hammer

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Hitachi H65SD2 Demolition Hammer

* Delivers a best in class 31 ft/lbs of impact energy- 50% more than competitive hammers in the category
* Powerful 10.8 Amp (1,240 W input) motor
* With an impact rate of 1,400 bpm it can accomplish a multitude of demo work
* One of the quietest demo hammers on the market with a full-load noise level at only 104 dB
* Produces a full-load vibration level of only 19.9 m/s2 making a real difference to the user who works with this tool all day
* Elastomer covered grip reduces vibration transfer while providing a secure grip for added safety
* Cushioned auxilliary handle that rotates 360 degrees is located between the body of the tool and the bit cylinder to provide optimal control and grip on the tool
* Universal tool retainer accepts 3 types of 1-1/8" Hex shank bits; standard hex, collarless retaining groove and air tool bits
* Hitachi’s patented IDI (Internal Double Insulation) technology built in significantly strengthens the body of the tool
* Armature bearing is seated in metal reducing the effects of vibration and heat on motor performance
* Auto-stop brushes prevent unnecessary maintenance issues
* Lock-on trigger for extended use
* Sealed lubrication to prevent grease from leaking out and dust from creeping in and damaging the internals
* The new ergonomic design offers an impressive power to weight ratio and balance that a user will appreciate


* Steel Case (314179)
* 6mm Hex Bar Wrench (872422)
* 3mm Hex Bar Wrench (943277)