Hitachi UB18DL 14.4V/18V 2-Mode Lantern

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Hitachi UB18DL 14.4V/18V 2-Mode Lantern

* Two modes of operation, flourescent and LED, for various lighting applications
* LED mode runs 150 hours (3.0Ah battery) of night light or walking path illumination
* Flourescent mode runs five hours (3.0Ah battery) of bright work light
* Automatic switch function from flourescent to LED when battery charge nears depletion to prevent sudden loss of light
* Handle features 360° rotation with eight position options- even upside down!
* Sturdy hook can be hung from pipe, rail, branch,etc. with up to a 2-inch diameter
* Compatible with 14.4V and 18V Hitachi Lithium Ion, NiMH or NiCd batteries (sold separately)


Voltage: 14.4V/18V
LED Time (3.0Ah battery): 150 hours
Flourescent Time (3.0Ah battery): 5 hours
8-Position Handle: yes
Auto-Switch Function: yes
Height (without battery): 11-25/32"
Width (without battery): 3-3/16"
Depth (without battery): 4-3/16"
Weight (without battery): 9.1 lbs


Flourescent Lamp: 323339