Hitachi UU610cz Universal Work Station

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-02
Hitachi UU610cz Universal Work Station

The UU610cz Universal Workstation is designed to support up to 12 ft of work material. Made from aluminum, it is fully retractable to 3.75 ft and fits sideways into a pickup truck for convenience and portability. The UU610cz comes equipped with a wheel kit and is compatible with most miter saws on the market.

* Heavy-duty aluminum construction, allows the beam to support up to 500 lbs
* Universal Tool Mount includes "feet" for independent use
* Patented cam lock mount, for "drop-on" saw installation
* Fully adjustable 12" work supports can handle 12 ft of work material
* Dual adjustable roller fences, aligns material with the saw
* Dual extension arms, accepts router and vise accessories
* Fully retractable length of only 3.75 ft, fits sideways in a pickup
* Lightweight at only 37 lbs
* Wheel kit included for easy portability