Panasonic EYC135NQKW Wood Saw/Drill Driver Combo Kit

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Panasonic EYC135NQKW Wood Saw/Drill Driver Combo Kit

The Panasonic Cordless Power Tool Difference
To meet the needs of professional tradesmen around the globe, all Panasonic Cordless Power Tools are carefully constructed based on four primary principles: cordless capability, power, lightweight, and ergonomic design. Since our tools are all cordless, they can be used almost anywhere the professional requires. Our inverter charger technology used in our Ni-MH battery charging system allows for long battery pack life and quick re-charging time. Plus, there's no compromise in power-our tools provide more than enough punch using motors with high-power magnets, heat resistant brushes and built-in cooling fans. For your comfort, the advanced ergonomic design of our tools means they're compact, well-balanced and easy to operate for extended periods of time without fatigue. Successfully combining technology with durability, these lightweight tools are full of helpful features and provide reliable solutions that tradesmen can utilize for all their construction needs.

Cordless Wood Saw provides Fast, Clean Cuts
This 15.6V cordless wood saw provides plenty of power for high speed and fine cutting. With a depth of cut adjustment from 1/8' to 1-13/16", a slotted upper blade guard for easy blade visibility, electric brake and a shaft lock button for easy blade replacement, this saw is easy to use anywhere. Need to make angle cuts? No problem-this saw has a 0° to 45° bevel adjustment. The In-line ergonomic design gives you comfortable cutting and clean, accurate cuts.

Powerful Drill Driver Delivers Full Torque at Any Speed
This powerful drill driver delivers full torque at any speed, so full force can be applied while still maintaining control. It features an 18-stage clutch plus drill position, heavy-duty keyless chuck, variable speed control, 2-speed gearbox, electric brake and a quick-charging system. This high-quality tool is ideal for general construction, plumbing, electrical installation work and finish carpentry.

Drill Driver Defines the Standard for Ergonomic Design
Superbly balanced, this drill driver is ideal for both right- and left-handed users. Rubber surfaces on the handle and rear barrel, as well as a soft finger rest, provide a sure grip to help ensure stability and help combat fatigue during prolonged use. To make it easy when changing bits, we conveniently placed the forward/reverse switch on the body of the drill within easy reach of your trigger hand.

Less Time Spent Waiting and More Time Spent Working
The 3.0Ah Ni-MH battery can be fully charged in 45 minutes (using the EY0110B charger), which means less time spent waiting and more time spent working. Even when there isn't time for a full charge, the inverter charger features a 5-minute "Emergency Charge" that charges the pack to 15% of its capacity.

Kit consists of: EY3531NQKW 15.6V Wood Saw, EY6432NQKW 15.6V Drill & Driver
Compact Size: Wood Saw - Length 14-3/8", Drill & Driver - Length 8-3/16"
Lightweight: Wood Saw - 6.7lbs, Drill & Driver - 4.4lbs.
High Power: Drill & Driver - 390 in.lbs. of torque
Battery: High capacity 3.0Ah Ni-MH
Extra battery: Included
Charging System: 45 minute universal
Speeds: Wood Saw - up to 3100 rpm, Drill & Driver - Low 65-450 rpm, High 200-1450 rpm variable
Clutch: Drill & Driver - 18 stage
Chuck: Drill & Driver - 1/2"
Reversible: Yes
Blade Size: Wood Saw - 5-3/8"
Arbor Size: Wood Saw - 20 mm
Electric Brake: Yes, on both models
Ergonomics: Wood Saw - In-line design for comfortable cutting, Drill & Driver - ergonomic design to reduce fatigue
Safety Switch Lock Lever: Yes, on Wood Saw
Shaft Lock Button: Yes, on Wood Saw for easy blade replacement
Cutting Depth: Wood Saw - Min. 1/8", Max. 1-13/16"
Wrap-around Blade Guard: Yes, to reduce chip splash
Transparent Window: No
Acceptable Battery Packs: Panasonic 15.6V
Typical Applications: Wood Saw - Metal Construction, Electric Installation Work, Plumbing
Drill & Driver - General Construction, Finishing Carpentry, Electric Installation Work, Plumbing
Carrying Case: Yes, molded plastic