Denon DVD-5910CI DVD Player

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Denon DVD-5910CI DVD Player

Our flagship DVD-5910CI, now with 1080p HDMI video output and Denon Link III, showcases the culmination of pro-grade processing, cutting-edge digital connectivity and advanced vibration-resistant construction to deliver the highest picture and sound quality ever developed. The DVD-5910CI uses the finest 10-bit I/P converter, capable of performing one trillion operations per second, to not only dramatically improve motion detection but also accurately detect and correct lines on a per-pixel basis to effectively avoid "jaggies."

The DVD-5910CI is the second version of the world's first DVD player to integrate 10-bit Precision Video Scaling™. The scaler executes optimum conversion to suit the output to the independent HDMI and DVI transmitters. Other high-end video features include 10-bit Pixel Image Correction, an ultra-sophisticated contour correction circuit, and Analog Device dual discrete 216 MHz/14-bit video DACs. The combined result of this breakthrough video processing is a dramatic improvement to your overall viewing experience – clean, blur-free movement, true-to-life colors and contours; and deeper, richer detail – a videophile's dream come true.

Meticulous attention to multi-channel high resolution audio allows the DVD-5910CI to reach new sonic heights. Advanced processing that includes five 192 kHz/24-bit DACs allow you to play either stereo, 5.1-channel SACDs or DVD-Audio discs in a breathtakingly lifelike experience.

Our engineers have thrown conventional wisdom in DVD player design out the window in order to create the world's finest home entertainment source component. The end result is a uniquely designed universal player that brings new meaning to home entertainment quality, flexibility and performance.