Panasonic DVD-LX110 Portable DVD Player

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Panasonic DVD-LX110 Portable DVD Player

Multiple Display Angles for Comfortable Viewing
The large, bright widescreen display on this portable DVD player pivots to different viewing angles so you can adjust its position for optimum comfort and image quality.

Share the Experience With a Friend
Two of you can watch the same movie with privacy using the dual headphone jacks. Hook up two pairs of headphones and watch together on a plane or in the back of the car.

Slim and Stylish Design
Its slim profile and light weight makes this portable DVD player easy to carry around and store, while its stylish good looks make it easy on the eyes. It'll fit right in with whatever hi-tech gear you're toting around.

Up to 6 Hours of Playback Time
Thanks to the extended battery life in this portable DVD player—up to 6 hours with the built-in rechargeable battery pack—you can catch a couple of movies on a single charge. It's the perfect travel companion for those really long car rides and flights!

Play Many Different Movie and Music Formats
If you're in the mood for a movie, our portable player won't let you down. It can play back many different prerecorded DVDs, including DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-RAM/-R/-R(dual layer)/-RW3 and DVD+R/+R(dual layer)/+RW3 discs. If you want to give your eyes a rest and try some tunes instead, this portable DVD player handles lots of the most popular audio formats around, including MP3s4, CDs, CD-R/RW5 discs, and WMA files.6

Use It As a Home DVD Player Too
Go from the portable screen on the road to the big screen at home-this portable DVD player does double duty as a home DVD player too. Use the A/V output to connect your portable DVD player to your TV, kick back in your favorite chair with the included remote control, and relax. It even has an optical digital audio output so you can hook it up to your surround sound receiver and play Dolby Digital® and DTS® soundtracks.

Built-in LCD Monitor  11-inch Diagonal VGA Widescreen
Multi-Angle LCD Display  Yes
Playback Time with Included Rechargeable Battery Pack 1  Approximately 6 hours
Built-in Recharger Function  Yes
FM Transmitter for Car Stereo Playback  No
Screen Selector  Normal/Full/Zoom/Just
Built-in Stereo Speakers  3 (left, right, center for dialogue)
Picture Control on LCD  Bright, Color, Sharp, Gamma
Multi-Format Playback (Playable Disc Type)  DVD: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-R (dual layer), DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R (dual layer), DVD+RW
CD: CD (CDDA), CD-R/RW (including JPEG, MP3, WMA, and HighMAT level 2)
SD Card Playable File Formats  JPEG images, MPEG4 video
CD-R/RW Playback 2  Yes
DVD-RAM Video Playback Capability  Yes
DVD-R Playback 3 Capability  Yes
MP3 Playback 4 Capability  Yes
WMA (Windows Media Audio) Playback Capability  Yes
HighMAT 5 Compatible  Yes (Level 2)
VIDEO:  yes
Video D/A Converter  108MHz/12-bit
Cinema Mode  Yes
Horizontal Resolution  More than 500 lines
Picture Adjustment  Depth Enhancer
MPEG Noise Reduction
AUDIO:  yes
Audio D/A Converter  192kHz/24-bit
Multi Re-Master   Yes, for high quality audio reproduction (CD-DA, MP3, WMA)
Built-in Dolby Digital® Surround Sound Decoder  Yes (2 channel)
Built-in DTS® Surround Sound Decoder  Yes (2 channel)
Advanced Surround (V.S.S.)  Yes
Headphone Surround (V.S.S.)  Yes
Dialogue Enhancer  Yes
Hi Speed Smooth Scan  5 Speed up to x200
Included Accessories  Car DC Adaptor
AC Adaptor
Headrest Mounting Bracket (does not work with all headrest types)
Audio/Video Cable
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Remote Control
Fully-featured for use as home DVD player  Yes
Thin & Lightweight Design  Yes
Remote Control  Standard
Playlist Playback  Yes
Electronic Skip Protection  Yes
Playback Mode Setting  Program, Random, Repeat
Built-in SD Card Slot  Yes
Video Out  Yes
2ch Audio Out  Yes
Digital Audio Out  Optical (doubles as 2-ch audio jack)
Headphone Out  Yes (dual headphone jacks)
OTHER:  yes
Video S/N  60 dB
Power Source  AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)  23/16'' x 1121/64'' x 925/64''
Weight  4.4 lbs

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