Philips DVP5140 DVD Player

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Philips DVP5140 DVD Player

Be impressed with this Philips DVD player. Step into another home entertainment arena as you immerse yourself with DivX movies and Windows Media Audio in your own living room.

Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality
Progressive Scan doubles the vertical resolution of the image resulting in a noticeably sharper picture. Instead of sending a field comprising the odd lines to the screen first, followed by the field with the even lines, both fields are written at one time. A full image is created instantaneously, using the maximum resolution. At such a speed, your eye perceives a sharper picture with no line structure.

12-bit/108MHz video processing for sharp, natural images
12-bit Video DAC is a superior Digital-to-Analogue-Converter that preserves every detail of the authentic picture quality. It shows subtle shades and smoother graduation of colors, resulting in a more vibrant and natural picture. The limitation of the usual 10bit DAC become in particular apparent while using large screens and projectors.

192kHz/24 bit audio DAC enhances analogue sound input
192KHz sampling enables you to have an accurate representation of the original sound curves. Together with a 24-bit resolution, more information is captured from the original analogue sound wave form, giving a much richer audio reproduction.

Movies: DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, (S)VCD, DivX
Multi-format playability allows you to play most disc formats for maximum disc compatibility and viewing pleasure.

DivX Ultra Certified for enhanced playback of DivX videos
DivX Ultra combines DivX playback with great features like integrated subtitles, multiple audio languages, multiple tracks and menus into one convenient file format.

Music: CD, MP3-CD, CD-R/RW & Windows Media™ Audio
Multi-format playability allows you to play most disc formats for maximum disc compatibility and listening pleasure.

Picture CD (JPEG) with music (MP3) playback
Picture CD is a CD-R or CD-RW disc on which you can store your MP3 and digital pictures. When inserting a Picture CD in the DVD player, a screen menu will pop up, showing your JPEG's and/or MP3 files on the disc. Just select the music and pictures files you wish to enjoy and press play or OK. You can watch your pictures on TV with your music playing simultaneously.

Ultra-slim design

The attractive enclosure has a very low profile.


Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9
D/A converter: 12 bit, 108 MHz
Picture enhancement: Progressive Scan, Video upsampling, Smart Picture

D/A converter: 24 bit, 192 kHz
Frequency response: 30-20000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio: 100
Distortion and Noise (1kHz): 85 dB
Crosstalk (1kHz): 100 dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz): 90 dB
Sound System: Dolby Digital

Video Playback
Playback Media: CD, CD-R/CD-RW, Video CD/SVCD, DVD, DVD-R/-RW, DivX, DVD+R/+RW
Compression formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX 3.11, DivX 4.x, DivX 5.x, DivX 6.0, DivX Ultra
Video disc playback system: NTSC, PAL

Audio Playback
Playback Media: CD, MP3-CD, MP3-DVD, WMA-CD, CD-R/RW
Compression format: MP3, Dolby Digital, PCM, WMA
MP3 bit rates: 32 - 256 kbps

Still Picture Playback
Playback Media: DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD-R/RW, Picture CD, Kodak Picture CD
Picture compression format: JPEG
Picture enhancement: Flip photos, Rotate, Slideshow with MP3 playback, Zoom

Rear Connections: Analog audio Left/Right out, Composite video (CVBS) output, Digital coaxial out, ComponentVideo out Progressive

Child Protection: Child Lock, Parental Control
On-Screen Display languages: English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish