Pioneer AVH-P7800DVD In-Dash DVD Multimedia AV Receiver

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Pioneer AVH-P7800DVD In-Dash DVD Multimedia AV Receiver

Home theater entertainment can now be enjoyed at the simple reach of your fingertips, introducing our new AVH-P7800DVD. It includes a 7" Widescreen LCD which offers pictures in the WVGA(480p) format, which can display the full resolution of DVD movies.

WVGA7" Widescreen LCD with WVGA Resolution
The 7" widescreen LCD of the AVH-P7800DVD offers pictures in the WVGA (480p) format, which is 800x480 pixels in size. Pictures, videos and DVD Videos are shown in amazing clarity and detail, with the best picture quality possible!

DivXDivX® Technology Video Playback
The AVH-P7800DVD is Pioneer's first in-car AV receiver that allows playback of DivX® video files - from CD's or DVD's. DivX® is the world's most popular compressed digital video format, which ensures a high compression rate and fast transfer speed without appreciably compromising the picture quality. Create a DivX® movie on your PC, burn it to a disc, and play it onboard on the Pioneer in-car AV receiver.

BluetoothAvailable Bluetooth Wireless Technology*
Use the AVH-P7800DVD with Bluetooth wireless technology enabled cellular phones for easy, safe, and hands-free operation, including talking via the headunit's microphone and your vehicle's speaker system. The system automatically mutes any other audio during incoming or outgoing calls. You can store the phone book, then access it by voice or the touch screen display.
*Optional CD-BTB100 adapter required

Compatible with a Wide Range of Surround Formats
The AVH-P7800DVD is Pioneer's first 6.1 channel in car receiver. It is compatible with DTS 96/24, which allows high quality 96kHz 24-bit sound playback in multi-channel formats from ordinary DVD-Video recordings. The AVH-P7800DVD can also decode 6.1 channel software in DTS-ES and Dolby Digital EX. The added surround back channel allows more detailed imaging and finer sound localization. A theater-like ambience is also provided by the ordinary two-channel sources, thanks to DTS NEO:6 compatibility. In addition, Dolby Pro Logic II delivers 5.1 channel surround sound from stereo sources, including one mode specialized for music and another for movies.

DVD Audio VideoDVD Audio Playback
The AVH-P7800DVD is compatible with DVD Audio, a leading edge format expected to replace CD's are the listening format of choice in the near future. Whether a movie or audio disc, DVD stores a lot more data than regular CD. More data means better sound. Harmonics that are lost in the CD mastering process are kept intact with DVD Audio. DVD-Audio's high specifications create warm sound that reminds you of vintage vinyl albums.

MP3+WMAMP3, WMA, AAC, JPEG* and More - by CD or DVD!
The AVH-P7800DVD lets you enjoy an extensive range of PC files on board. It can play MP3, WMA and iTunes AAC compressed music files burned on a CDs, or even on large-capacity (in comparison to 650MB CDs) 4.7 GB DVD's which can contain approximately 1,000 songs per disc. In addition to music files, the receiver can also show JPEG digital still photos from the CDs on the 7" display.
* JPEG available only from CD

SAT Radio ReadySatellite Radio Ready? Ready.
Satellite Radio. It's digital, high-quality programming beamed from satellites. And the signal that doesn't fade, no matter where you drive. It offers commercial-free music of nearly every genre, plus talk, news, sports, weather, and more. There are two companies that offer this great product — XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio — and the AVH-P7800DVD is compatible with both of these subscription-based services. So you choose - either XM Radio with the GEX-P920XM, or Sirius Radio with the SIR-PNR2 (or even both!).

Enhanced Graphical XM Audio Interface
When combined with the GEX-P920XM, the AVH-P7800DVD features a new user-friendly interface. Channel categories come with specific icons, for intuitive selection among corresponding channels. Up to 12 favorite songs on XM Radio can be registered using the "MEMO" key. If a registered song is playing on another channel, a notification will pop up and ask if you would like to change to the channel currently playing the song.

iPod Adapter Ready with Enhanced Touch-Panel Interface
Pioneer's CD-IB100II or CD-IB100 iPod adapter permits direct control and playback of iPod through the touch-panel. The AVH-P7800DVD can be connected with an iPod via this dedicated adapter, and using the touch panel, listeners can play iPod-recorded songs, scroll through the music library on their iPod, or select from several functions like Shuffle playback.

Rear View Camera Capability
Keep an eye on your backside using the optional Rear View Camera (ND-BC1): while you're in reverse the rear-view camera can be in full screen. An unit equipped with the optional rear-view camera adds a level of safety and assurance you can rely on. In addition to keeping you and your family safe, this feature also makes maneuvering in tight spaces easier.