Samsung DVD-1080P7 Hi Def Conversion Player

SAMSUNG Updated: 2008-08-24 RSS
Samsung DVD-1080P7 Hi Def Conversion Player

Now you can watch your favorite DVDs with enhanced clarity and more nuanced sound. Using advanced SAMSUNG technology, the DVD-1080P7 player upconverts the resolution of
conventional DVDs. Even on large-screen displays, you'll experience dramatically improved sharpness, color and detail. Playback is exceptionally vivid with true color reproduction. This sleek unit stands at just 1.8" in height, yet comes packed with convenient features.

enjoy ordinary DVDs in HD quality
Now you can enjoy conventional DVDs in brilliant High Definition resolution. The secret to the breathtaking results of SAMSUNG's up-conversion technology lies in trimming the de-interlacing process from the two needed in regular 1080i players to just one. You'll be thrilled with the outstanding quality of your long-treasured DVDs.

see the advantages of progressive scan
The advanced scanning technique featured in the DVD-HD1080P7 brings new realism to your DVD viewing. Digital images are delivered in enhanced clarity, using SAMSUNG's revolutionary sequential scanning process. Even the slightest blurs and distortions have become a thing of the past.

view downloaded movies in large-screen comfort
Wouldn't it be great to view movies downloaded from your computer on your TV display? Now you can. Thanks to SAMSUNG's DivX playback feature, the movies you've downloaded from the Internet in DivX format can be played not only on your small computer monitor, but also on your large-screen TV. Just insert the computer DVD or CD disc and enjoy.

sleek and glossy look for added style
The DVD-HD1080P7 lends a touch of sophistication to any home entertainment environment. Silver chromium-plated control knobs complement the sleek all-black design. And at just 1.8" in height, it fits neatly anywhere – even in rooms where space is at a premium.

seamlessly connect your digital devices
The DVD-HD1080P7 features High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI™ version 1.3), an exciting technology that transfers high-definition video and audio from your DVD player to your TV and other digital devices using a single cable. Enjoy high-quality pictures and sound, free of the annoying tangle of cords and cables!

just one remote control is all it takes
Just a click of a single remote control accesses any digital device in your SAMSUNG home entertainment system. That's because the DVD-1080P7 includes CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) - a feature that makes the home entertainment experience seamless, simple and easy to use.