Samsung DVD-1080P9 Upconversion DVD Player

15 Jun, 2009 by SAMSUNG RSS
Samsung DVD-1080P9 Upconversion DVD Player

Upgrade your DVDs to stunning HD quality. This DVD player upconverts your standard DVDs to 1080 high definition so you can enjoy crisp, lifelike images. Hear hours of your favorite tunes from your MP3 player or view your favorite snapshots on your TV screen from a digital photo disc. Tired of tangled wires? This DVD player features HDMI which uses a single cable wire to deliver the sharpest images possible. Watch movies in stunning high definition resolution with the 1080p9 DVD player.

full HD (1080 ) upscaling
Now you can enjoy regular DVDs in brilliant high-definition resolution. 1080 up-conversion lets you take full advantage of your HDTV by sending high resolution signals to it. The result is lifelike, vivid visuals and crystal-clear details.

HDMI out
Tired of tangled wires? HDMI keeps it simple by using a single cable wire to deliver the sharpest, richest images possible. Conveniently and easily transfer high-definition video and audio from your DVD player to your TV and other digital devices using a single cable. Simply connect the HDMI cable from the DVD player to your TV and enjoy pure digital perfection.

14bit video DAC
The 14bit video DAC produces more colors. Dynamic contrast is increased and images are natural with smooth gradation between highlights and shadows.

Divx Playback
With DivX playback, you can insert DVDs and CDs that have DivX movies downloaded from your computer and watch them on your TV.

How many remote controls do you have lying around your living room? Simplify your home entertainment experience. Control all of your High Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI) connected devices with one-touch control in a single universal remote.

USB host play with CD ripping
Enjoy your media files whether you are at home or on the go with the USB connection and CD ripping feature. Digital media stored on your MP3 player, camera, camcorder, or USB memory can be played on this DVD player. Plus CD audio discs can be ripped and converted to MP3 format and stored on your portable media player.

progressive scan out
The slightest blurs and distortions are now a thing of the past thanks to progressive scan. You'll enjoy maximum image clarity and more realism. Progressive scan pushes the limits of standard resolution and provides a more film-like image that takes watching DVDs to another level.

BD Wise
Get a perfect replay of Blu-ray discs with other SAMSUNG BD Wise products. When you connect SAMSUNG products with BD-Wise to each other via HDMI, the optimum resolution is automatically set.

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