Sony BDP-CX960 400 Disc Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player

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Sony BDP-CX960 400 Disc Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player

Organize your disc library and enjoy quick, easy access to 400 Blu-ray Disc movies, DVDs and CDs with the BDP-CX960 MegaChanger. A user-friendly on-screen interface makes it easy to sort and search by title, genre, cast and more, to quickly find the movie, TV show or album you're looking for. Boasting a fully-featured Blu-ray Disc player, this multimedia storage device offers Full HD 1080p video output, upscaling of DVDs to near HD quality through an HDMI connection, BD-Live interactive features, and HD audio support.

Find Your Movies Fast
Simplify your home theater. This MegaChanger automatically downloads and organizes movies so you can search by jacket art, title, director, cast, genre and more—all you need is a broadband internet connection. And with the online Gracenote database, you can find Blu-ray Disc movies, DVDs or CDs within the changer quickly and easily.

Fully-featured Blu-ray Disc Player
In addition to storing and playing up to 400 discs, this MegaChanger offers all the capabilities of a fully-featured Blu-ray Disc player, including Full HD 1080p video output, HD audio support, BD-Live access, and the ability to upscale standard DVDs to near HD quality over an HDMI connection.

Phenomenal Sound Technology
Enjoy uncompromised sound from the comfort of your living room with support for the latest HD audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio. You'll experience lossless surround sound with up to 7.1 channels of discrete audio that is bit-for-bit identical to the master studio recording. Surround sound speakers not included.

Bonus Content
Experience the future of interactivity with BD-Live technology. Download and stream bonus content such as additional scenes, shorts, movie-based games, trailers and more.

Innovative Rental Slot
Start watching a rental movie right away via the dedicated rental slot. Additionally, a button on the player gives you one-touch access to the rental slot for quick loading or ejecting.

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