Sony BDP-S301 Blu-ray Disc Player

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Sony BDP-S301 Blu-ray Disc Player

See and hear a whole new world in high definition with Sony's BDP-S300. The crystalline clarity of 1080p Blu-ray Disc™ movies and DVD upscaling that can bring your DVDs to the highest possible quality, mean your favorite movies have never looked or sounded so good. Add to that Sony's 24p True Cinema and Cinema Tuned picture presets, which allow you to see any movie just the way its director intended, and all you'll need is a little popcorn to lose yourself in an HD world. Better yet, now Sony's BRAVIA™ Theatre Sync means that now you can control your compatible TV and AV systems all from one remote.

BD-ROM Playback4: Rival your local movie theater with the power of Blu-ray Disc technology in your Home Theater. You can enjoy movies from Hollywood's biggest studios, and enjoy all of the great features, sights and sounds that Blu-ray Disc technology has to offer. Blu-ray Disc technology delivers Full 1080P picture quality and up to 7.1 channels of surround sound. Movie Night will never be the same!

DVD Upscaling to 1080p via HDMI™: Get the most out of your existing DVD collection by having them upscaled to 1080p quality. Your DVD's will look and sound better than ever when you play them back on your new Sony Blu-ray Disc Player.

BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ (HDMI-CEC): Sony® created BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ technology to go beyond basic digital audio and video transmission. Based on the HDMI-CEC function, the BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ feature will be included on select BRAVIA® Theatre home A/V systems and components. This useful function reduces the hassle and time consuming job of powering up, routing signals, etc. to the simple push of one button. Want to play your Blu-ray Disc Player on your Sony® A/V system– Easy, just push PLAY on the BRAVIA® HDTV remote and everything is taken care of for you. Even when the system is off! Want to power down everything once you've finished enjoying it– Push one button and the TV and A/V system powers down. BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™ helps make things a whole lot easier to operate.

BD/DVD/CD playback and AVC-HD with x.v.Color output: Play back all your favorite Blu-ray Disc Movies, DVD's, Audio CD's, and AVC-HD (delivers digital picture and sound quality comparable to that of High Definition, but on a DVD) discs with all of our Sony Blu-ray Disc Players.

Full HD 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema Video Output1: Most of all Hollywood movies are shot at 24 frames per second, and Blu-ray Disc movies are mastered at 24 frame per second, so it is only fitting that the Sony BDP-S301 can output your films at 1080/24p for a true film-like experience at home. Of course, The Sony BDP-S301 can also output at 1080/60p for more traditional HDTV sets on the market. Either way Sony has you covered for the best picture possible in Full 1080p!

Video Codec Format : MPEG2/MPEG4-AVC/VC-1: Blu-ray Disc technology is compatible with many different types of video codec for recording your favorite films onto the disc. So regardless of the High Definition recording process used by the studio making the movie, Sony's Blu-ray Disc Players are ready for them all, in glorious Full 1080p HD.

Cinema Tuned Picture Presets: What do you get when the world's best filmmakers and the best makers of Home Theater products get together– Answer: Exclusive Cinema Tuned Picture Presets on your Sony Blu-ray Player! , we made getting a "best picture" for your movies even easier. Whether you view your movies in a dark theater, or in a bright room, we got you covered with picture settings all carefully selected by the same engineers that make Sony's movies in Hollywood.

Uncompressed Multi Channel Linear PCM Output: Blu-ray Disc technology not only delivers a phenomenal picture, but incredible sound as well. Many Blu-ray Disc movies take advantage of the capacity on the disc to offer an Uncompressed Multi Channel Linear PCM soundtrack of your favorite movies. With up to 7.1 channels of surround sound, Uncompressed Multi Channel Linear PCM is completely lossless and lets you hear the movie with incredible clarity and realism that you never experience before on DVD.

Dolby® Digital Plus decoding capability: Dolby Digital Plus is Dolby's next-generation audio technology that can offer up to 7.1 channels of surround sound. Dolby Digital Plus also offers a higher-quality experience than the Dolby Digital soundtrack you are used to on a standard DVD.

BD-Java Interactive Capability5: Blu-ray Disc technology offers the potential of a new level of interactive experiences, with seamless on-screen menus and hi def bonus materials for a more dynamic home theater. With the extra capacity on Blu-ray Disc media and BD JAVA programming, content creators have an open canvas to design new ways for customers to interact with their favorite movies.

Dolby® Digital and dts® 5.1 channel Output
Multi Channel 192KHz/24bit Audio D/A Converters
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MP3 and JPEG Playback from DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW4
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