Sony DVP-CX777ES/B DVD/SACD/CD 400 Disc Changer

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony DVP-CX777ES/B DVD/SACD/CD 400 Disc Changer

With a capacity for 400 discs, the DVP-CX777ES can store and access an entire library of music, movies, concert videos and home videos recorded onto DVD. Easily browse your discs alphabetically by title, file them by genre or scan them by tray position, using the on-screen display. The DVP-CX777ES also boasts the phenomenal performance of a 12-bit/216 MHz video D/A converter and Precision Cinema Progressive™ design.

Silver Finish

Precision Drive™ 2 System with Dynamic Tilt Compensation
Past generations of Precision Drive were only able to compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited the amount of correction possible. Sony's new Precision Drive™ 2 system simplifies the process by moving the lens-instead of the entire optical block-for faster and more accurate error correction.

Multi-Channel/Two Channel SA-CD Playback

Time Alignment for SA-CD

12 Bit Video DAC with 216 MHz Processing w/NSV

192 kHz 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converter

Dolby® Digital and dts® Optical/Coaxial Output

Variable Coefficient Filter for CD Output

Block Noise Reduction

Digital Noise Reduction (Motion Adaptive)

Video Equalizer with Video EQ Custom Memory

Gamma Adjustment

Title and Chapter Viewer

Advanced SmoothScan™ and SmoothSlow Modes

Instant Replay and Instant Search

Full 3-2 Reverse Conversion

Aluminum Front Panel Design

Anti-Resonant Chassis

Precision Drive™ 2 System

Off Center Isolator Feet

Anti-Resonant Chassis-2

Multi-Disc Resume (400 Discs)

Component Video Output (Gold)

RS-232C Control Port

Advanced SmoothScan™ Mode

Custom Parental Control

Playback Memory (400 Discs)

Childloc® Feature (Tray Lock)

Picture Memory

Quick Setup

Start Up Screen

Screen Saver-2

Background Graphics-2

Video Off Feature

FL Display Off Feature

S-Video Output (Gold) x 2

Composite Video Output (Gold) x 2

Coaxial Digital Output (Gold)

Optical Digital Output

Analog Audio 2Ch Output (Gold) x 2

Analog Audio 5.1 Ch Output (Gold)

RS-232C Control Port-2