Sony DVP-NS90V DVD/SACD/CD Single Disc Player

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony DVP-NS90V DVD/SACD/CD Single Disc Player

Superior technology from a single disc DVD player. The DVP-NS90V single disc DVD player packs 3 impressive technologies that enhance your movie and music experience. Precision Drive™ 3 System corrects a warped disc's response for fewer image errors by adjusting the lens rather than the entire optical block for more accurate source playback. Other features such as the Precision Cinema Progressive™ technology detect image changes at the pixel level instead of at the scan line level like most traditional DVD players do. By measuring algorithms, the DVP-NS90V adjusts for pixel behavior resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are virtually free from motion artifacts. The DVP-NS90V also offers MP3 Playback3, when using MP3 encoded discs, so you can select the perfect music folder to round out your day.

720p/1080i Upscaling of Video and delivery through HDMI™ Connection

DVD-RW (Video Mode/VR mode w/CPRM) DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD+R Playback

12 Bit Video DAC with 108Mhz processing

SA-CD Playback-2

MP3 Playback (CD-R.RW, DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW)

JPEG (CD-R/RW, DVD+RW/+R/-R/-RW, Kodak)


A/V Sync
Allows for the alignment of the audio track to match the video - neccessary for some newer Televisions that have video buffers or delays.

192 kHz 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converter

Dolby® Digital and dts® Coaxial Output and through the 5.1 Analog Outputs

Video Off
The ability to turn off all video processing to get the maximum Audio performace

Quick Set-Up

Custom Parental Control- 40 Discs

Remote Control with Limited TV and Receiver Control Compatible with many but not all Major Brands

Child Lock (Tray Lock)


Multi-Disc Resume- 40 Discs

TV Virtual Surround - 5 Surround Modes

Custom Picture Mode

Title and Chapter Viewer

Advanced SmoothScan™ and SmoothSlow modes

Instant Replay and Instant Search

Full 3-2 Reverse Conversion

Fast Play with Audio

Slow Play with Audio

Video Equalizer

Background Graphics-2

Variable Coefficient Filter

FL Off
The ability to turn off the front display

Separate Speaker Settings

Precision Drive™ 3 System
Past generations were only able to compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited the amount of correction possible. Sony's new Precision Drive™ 3 system simplifies the process by moving the lens-instead of the entire optical block-for faster and more accurate error correction.

Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology-2
Other DVD players detect image changes at the scan line level-Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP) system detects them at the pixel level. The picture is more faithful to the source-whether film or video-because separate, optimized algorithms are used to handle the differing pixel behavior. Separate algorithms are also used to process the moving and still parts of an image, resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are virtually free from motion artifacts.

MP3 Playback
Playing MP3 Music on a Sony DVD player is easy. Just insert an MP3 encoded disc and press MENU. A blue screen pops up to display your folders. Scroll down the list using the remote or front panel cursor control to select the folder you want. The green files screen pops up to show the files in the selected folder. Select the file you want to hear and you're done. Finding music couldn't be easier.