Sony GVH-D700 HDV Video Walkman VCR

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony GVH-D700 HDV Video Walkman VCR

Edit, review and record your video footage with this innovative, compact and portable device. The HDV™ Video Walkman® VCR boasts x.v.Color technology, capable of reproducing nearly twice the viewable colors as before. Your images will appear sharp and detailed from multiple angles while you edit with assignable buttons for the most commonly used functions. Crystal clear stills and slow-motion playback can be paused and zoomed in upon, then edited and cropped on the fly. Compatible with long-lasting L and M Series rechargeable InfoLITHIUM batteries, the GV-HD700 will conveniently display remaining battery time with the exclusive AccuPower™ meter.

HD/SD Capable
Capable of playing back High Definition Video (HDV) and Standard Definition Video recorded on MiniDV cassette.

7.0" Wide (16:9) LCD Display (1152K Pixels)
Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 1152k pixel LCD rotates for multiple viewing angles providing sharp detailed images for monitoring or playback.

x.v.Color™ Technology
The GV-HD700 is capable of passing the x.v.Color signal recorded by your 2007 Sony® HD Camcorders to your compatible HDTV. With the ability to reproduce nearly twice as many (1.8x) viewable colors than currently possible.

LCD Profile Control
Customize upto 6 different LCD sreen profiles (personal settings); choose from Brightness, Color Depth, Contrast, Sharpness and Color Phase.

L and M Series InfoLITHIUM® Battery Compatibility
Compatible with both L and M series InfoLITHIUM batteries. You can now charge the battery at anytime because unlike NiCad (Cickel Cadmium) batteries, Sony's rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are not subject to a life shortening "memory effect". Sony's exclusive AccuPower™ meter displays the battery time remaining in minutes, on the LCD screen.

Assignable Buttons
Three buttons on the exterieor ofthe Video Walkman are user-assignable so that they can be set to the options most commonly utilized which make it easier to control your playback options and settings.

i.LINK® DV Interface (IEEE1394)
A high speed bi-directional digital video/audio communication between two devices equipped with an IEEE1394 interface, including camcorders, digital VCRs, and PCs.

Memory Stick Duo™ Media Slot
Capture digital still images up to 1440 x 810 resolution from video-tapes, analog inputs or digital video i.LINK® input, directly onto Memory Stick media (sold separately). The images can be easily transferred to PCs for emailing, printing or sharing with other compatible Memory Stick devices (sold separately).

12-Bit/16-Bit PCM Digital Stereo
16-bit recording offers the same, outstanding sound quality as Compact Disc. 12-bit recording enables you to add an additional audio track with compatible audio dubbing equipment or i.LINK compatible computers.

SP and LP Record/Playback
Standard Play offers up to 60 minutes of digital recording, or Long Play for up to 90 minutes, on one MiniDV cassette.

Playback Zoom
Manipulates the picture inside the Video Walkman VCR. While playing back your images on the Video Walkman VCR, it allows you to edit your images by zooming in (up to 2 times) and cropping your picture (up, down, left, right). You can save the new image as a separate file. Resize lets you save a copy of an image to a smaller or larger file size.

Crystal Clear Still/Slow Motion Playback
Digital video provides noise free playback in slow motion and in the pause mode for detailed playback. Available in Standard Definition only.