Sony RDR-VXD655 DVD Recorder & VHS Combo Player with HD Tuner

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony RDR-VXD655 DVD Recorder & VHS Combo Player with HD Tuner

Upgrade your TV and movie-watching experience with the versatile RDR-VXD655 DVD recorder and VHS combo player with HD tuner. Intuitive graphical interface makes programming your recording easy. Seven VHS recording speeds let you record up to 8 hours per tape. Plus, enjoy the convenience of one-touch recording from disc to tape or the reverse. The DVD deck lets you experience high picture-quality playback from a wide variety of formats, including DVD, VCD, VCR, VHS, SVHS, music CD and more. Progressive scan playback, HDMI™ output and 720p/1080i upscaling from DVD/VCR deliver optimal picture quality. You can even control your DV and Digital8® camcorder for editing via the i.LINK® interface.

HDMI™ Output with 720p/1080i upscaling for DVD and VHS
Reads the data on a standard DVD at 480p and VHS and upscales the video resolution to 1080i resolution on your compatible TV. This allows for you to enjoy the best in video performance while delivering digital video and audio over one simple cable.

Built-in HDTV Tuner (ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner)
Allows recording of standard definition or high definition programming

Two Way One Touch Dubbing
Allows for dubbing from VHS to DVD or reverse by pressing one button on the front of the unit.

One Touch Recording Using i.LINK® Interface for DV & Digital 8® Camcorders
Allows for easy copying of your personal content on DV/Digital8 tapes in order to preserve them for your family and friends. Easy operation by pressing a button on the front panel.

Multiformat DVD compatible
Sony DVD Recorders can record on and playback DVD-RW/-R/+RW/+R and +R Double Layer media and playback DVD-RAM allowing for a high level of compatibility with DVD players and recorders.

Set Top Box Pass Through
Allows for viewing of programming from Cable Set Top Box or Satellite Receiver even when the recorder is powered off through the line input. You can see TV programs of the connected Cable Set Top Box or Satellite Receiver, regardless if the recorder is powered on or not.

4 Video Head Stereo VHS with 19 Micron Heads

Easy to Use Graphic User Interface

Parental Control

Child Lock for Locking the Operation Buttons

DVD-Video/Video CD/SVCD/CD-DA (CD-R/-RW)Playback

JPEG, MP3 on CD-R/-RW and DVD+RW/+R/+R DL/-RW/-R Playback

VHS & S-VHS (SQPB) Playback

Variable Bit Rate Recording (7 Speeds)

Recording Hours on DVD: 1H(HQ)/1.5H(HSP)/2H(SP)/2.5H(LSP)/3H(LP)/4H(EP)/6H(SLP)/8H(SEP)

Progressive Scan Playback

Dolby® Digital Decoding Playback Compatible

TV Virtual Surround

Remote Commander® Remote Control

Cable Box/Satellite Receiver Control (IR Blaster)