Sony RM-V202 Universal Remote Commander Remote Control

Sony Updated: 2007-08-11
Sony RM-V202 Universal Remote Commander Remote Control

The RM-V202 universal Remote Commander® remote control is a great low-cost replacement for lost or broken units and consolidates 4 remotes into one. This remote controls up to 4 audio/video components and is compatible with most major brands. It also features TV and DVD menu functions, PIP (Picture in Picture) functions, pre-programmed for most TV, VCR, cable/SAT and DVD components. The RM-V202 is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

Product Specifications
Component * Position DVD/TV/Cable/SAT/VCR- 4 Positions
Function * Recall function
Function-2 * Memory back-up
Function-3 * TV MENU function
Function-4 * DVD menu
Operating Distance * 7m
Power Requirements * AA battery x2
Battery Life * 6 months
Applications * Digital satellite tuner
Applications-2 * DVD player
Applications-3 * Cable box
Applications-4 * VCR