Toshiba HD-D2 HD DVD Player

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-09
Toshiba HD-D2 HD DVD Player

The HD-A2 delivers the excellent picture, sound and interactivity features of HD DVD, and adds a new, sleek, compact chassis.  The combination of stellar high-definition picture quality up to 1080i, near high-definition picture-quality of up-converted standard DVDs output through HDMI, and leading edge audio (including Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus) provides a new level of Home Theater Experience.

HD Output 720p/1080i: High definition playback delivers 720p/1080i resolution, up to six times the resolution of DVD*. Using leading-edge efficient video compression standards makes it possible to experience the full potential of your HDTV.

SD Upconversion 480p/720p/1080i: HDMI™ can support uncompressed digital video up to HDTV resolution. Thus the player makes use of this conduit by up-converting the standard DVD picture resolution of 720p or 1080i. This makes a DVD player with an HDMI™ connection the perfect match for today's digital televisions. And because this conversion is performed in the player, the signal remains free frome excessive digital to analog artifacts.

High-performance SHARC® DSP: Realize the benefits of new generation high-definition audio to complement high-definition video with 32-bit floating point SHARC DSP. Designed to perform audio conversion while executing extensive on-board multi-channel signal management, SHARC DSP in HD DVD delivers stunning audio to complete your total high-definition experience.

Ethernet Port: With the ethernet port and persistent storage, you will have the potential to download future studio-provided additional content such as trailers, soundtracks or related merchandise. Also, your HD DVD player can be updated to support future applications and services.

Video, HD Output 720p/1080i, SD Upconversion 480p/720p/1080i, Combo Format disc playback, HD DVD Video, DVD Video, DVD VR, DVD-R (Video), DVD-R DL (Video), DVD-RW (Video/VR CPRM not supported), Audio, High-performance SHARC® DSP, CD, CD-R/-RW (CD-DA), Dolby® Digital Plus 5.1ch, Dolby® TrueHD 5.1ch, DTS® 5.1ch, DTS® HD (core only), Convenience, Persistent storage, Universal remote with glow print, OSD Language English/French/German/Japanese, Advanced Navigation, Slim Chassis, Jackpacks, HDMI™, Ethernet Port, ColorStream Pro® Component Video Output, RCA Video Outputs (1), Extension Terminal (2), 2ch. Audio Output, Digital Optical Output, S-Video Output, Weights and Dimensions, Dimensions: 16.9" x 13.58" x 2.58" (WxHxD), General, UPC: 022265000151