Toshiba RS-TX60 DVD Recorder

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-10
Toshiba RS-TX60 DVD Recorder

WMA & MP3 Playback: Play recordable Compact Discs (CD-R & CD-RW) with music stored in either the Windows Media™ Audio or MP3 file formats can be enjoyed.

IR Blaster for Cable and DBS Box Control (C3 Control): This handy cable can connect to the back of the recorder and transmits an infrared (IR) signal to change channels on your cable or satellite box. Allows no-hassle recordings from these two sources without the need to make channel selection ahead of time.

Component Output for both DVD & TiVo® DVR: These outputs allow the highest quality video signal to be sent from the DVD playerunit to a component video equipped progressive scan TV. When this connection is utilized with today's HD-compatible sets, typical NTSC artifacts-like video noise, dot crawl, and flicker-are virtually eliminated, resulting in a low-noise, highly detailed picture with unequaled color purity.

Optical TosLink® Digital Audio Outputs: Connects easily to a wide variety of receivers and signal decoders. It is not affected by RF interference.

Front Panel A/V & IEEE1394DV Inputs: There are composite audio & video inputs, as well as RCA L/R inputs on the front panel of the unit for easy camcorder dubbing. Additionally, an IEEE1394 'Firewire' jack is also available on the front panel for interfacing compatible digital video camcorders. Provides automatic recognition of the device and on-screen menu controls to easily direct the "downloading" process with the recorder’s remote control.

Video, Digital Cinema Progressive, 3D Y/C Comb Filter, Video DNR for Playback, JPEG Viewer, Audio, MP3 File Play, 24-Bit/192kHz Audio Digital/Analog Converter, Dolby® Digital and DTS® Compatible Output, WMA & MP3 Playback, Convenience, Daylight Savings Time Adjust, Time Zone Adjust, One-Touch Record, Auto Title/Chapter/Thumbnail Creation, Disc Content Viewer, Up to 200 hours of record time, Unified Remote Control, Records in DVD-R & DVD-RW Media, Free TiVo Basic™ Service included***, Control Live TV - pause, rewind, instant replay, Easy-to-use TiVo® User Interface***, Front Panel TiVo® Service & DVD Controls***, IR Blaster for Cable and DBS Box Control (C3 Control), Fast Scan, Slow Motion, Disc Quantity: 1, Disc Play: DVD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/VCD/DVD-R/DVD-RW, Time Slip Recording/Playback, Time Base Correction, Instant Replay/Instant Skip, On-Screen Camcorder Download Controls, Jackpacks, ColorStream Pro® Progressive Scan Component Video Output, Component Output for both DVD & TiVo® DVR***, Optical TosLink® Digital Audio Outputs, Y, Pr, Pb, RCA Video (1), L-R Audio Output (1), Optical Output (1), RF Input - Tuner Pass Through Only (1), RCA Video Inputs - Front (1) and Rear (1), L-R Audio Output - Front (1), Front Panel A/V & IEEE1394DV Inputs, L-R Audio Output - Rear (1), S-Video Input