Toshiba SD-P2500 Diagonal Widescreen Portable DVD-Video Player

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-10
Toshiba SD-P2500 Diagonal Widescreen Portable DVD-Video Player

Digital Cinema Progressive: Provides smoother, clearer picture from discs encoded at 24 frames per second. Especially useful for highly detailed or fast-moving images.

Picture Zoom: This interactive DVD feature allows you to select an area of the picture you want to zoom in on and magnify it. Enhanced digital processing during moving video or freeze-frame playback produces superior color fidelity and resolution, even when you're zoomed in. Also can be used to expand letterbox-only films to increase the viewable area on-screen.

8.9in Widescreen Active Matrix Screen: 16:9 Polysilicon TFT display is perfect for viewing standard, letterbox, and anamorphic DVD movies.

WMA & MP3 Playback: Play recordable Compact Discs (CD-R & CD-RW) with music stored in either the Windows Media™ Audio or MP3 file formats can be enjoyed.

Spatializer® N-2-2 ULTRA™ 3-D Virtual Surround Sound and Natural Headphone™: Provides a simulated surround sound effect from sources that contain only a stereo soundtrack. Convenient when playing older DVD films or for use with home theaters not equipped with multi-channel playback compatibility. Also includes specialized processing for headphones, and active via the headphone output jacks.

2 Channel DVD-Audio: This format builds upon the benefits for the DVD platform by offering high resolution two-channel and multi-channel music and features, including text (song lyrics), still pictures (slide show), and moving visuals (music video). It provides greater frequency response and better dynamic range than compact discs and offers multi-channel (5.1 and 6.0) audio capabilities. Sampling rates can be as high as 24-Bit/192kHz.

Super ColorStream Pro® Component Video Outputs: These outputs allow the highest quality video signal to be sent from the DVD player to a component video equipped progressive scan TV. When this connection is utilized with today's HD-compatible sets, typical NTSC artifacts—like video noise, dot crawl, and flicker—are virtually eliminated, resulting in a low-noise, highly detailed picture with unequaled color purity. A special digital filter enables four times over sampling of the Y, Pr, and Pb signals while the 54mHz video clock speed processes the entire video signal, extending the resolution to 540 lines.

Digital PhotoViewer: The Toshiba Digital Photo Viewer enables a user to display digital photographs on a television set via a compatible DVD player. A variety of popular digital formats are supported including Konica®, Fuji® Photo, Kodak® Photo CD as well as JPEG files created on a home PC. An intuitive on screen display assists the user in the creation of customized slideshows with a few simple clicks of the DVD players remote control. The actual viewing time of each slide can also be pre-set. In addition, the user can zoom, rotate and pan the photos, to create an interesting and professional looking presentation.

Enhanced Audio Mode and Dialogue Expander: Great for 'late night' listening when volumes are low but dialogue intelligibility is of concern.

Memory Card Slot (SD/MMC): Extends the player's versatility by displaying digital images in the JPEG format captured on SD/MMC 'flash memory' cards. These types of digital storage cards are used in many other devices such as digital cameras and portable music players. Use the portable DVD player to present custom slide shows of your favorite digital snapshots.

NAVI Menu: Easier to navigate for some users compared to the traditional listing of menu choices.

Video, Panel Resolution: 1024 x 600, 10-bit/54 MHz Video Digtial/Analog Converter, Component Video Output, Resolution: 540 Lines, Picture Zoom, Digital Cinema Progressive, 8.9in Widescreen Active Matrix Screen, Audio, 2 Channel DVD-Audio, WMA & MP3 Playback, Spatializer® N-2-2 ULTRA™ 3-D Virtual Surround Sound and Natural Headphone™, 24-bit 96kHz LPCM Compatibility, Dolby® Digital and DTS® Compatible Output, 3 Mode Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Convenience, MP3 Playback, Super ColorStream Pro® Component Video Outputs, Disc Play: DVD/VCD/CD-R/CD/DVD-R/CD-RW/DVD Audio (2-ch), Screen Saver, Silver Cabinet, Fast Scan 2x, 8x, 30x, Slow Motion: Forward and Reverse - 1/16, 1/4, 1/2, Channel Lock, Multi-Camera Angle Select, Multi-Language Select, Multi-Subtitle Select, Credit Card Size Remote Control, Digital PhotoViewer, 3.5 Hour Lithium Battery, Weight: 1.98 lbs without battery, NAVI Menu, Tri-Lingual On-screen Display, Disc Quantity: 1, Enhanced Audio Mode and Dialogue Expander, Memory Card Slot (SD/MMC), Jackpacks, A/V Inputs, 2 Headphone Output Jacks, Component D Connector, S-Video (1), RCA Video Outputs (1), L-R Audio 1 (A/V Out), Weights and Dimensions, Dimensions: 10.2" x 7" 1.03 1.19" (WxHxD), Weight With Packaging: 6 lbs., Dimensions With Packaging: 9 3/4" x 14 1/2" 6 1/4" (WxHxD), General, UPC: 022265980088