Yamaha DVD-C961 Super Audio CD/DVD-Audio Changer

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha DVD-C961 Super Audio CD/DVD-Audio Changer

High Sound Quality

* Super Audio CD PCM signal transmission via HDMI
* Audio Direct mode
* Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio playback
* 192kHz/24-bit audio D/A conversion
* CD upsampling
* Gold-plated output terminals (all AV terminals)

High Picture Quality

* 1080p-compatible HDMI video output
* 216MHz/12-bit video DAC with Noise Shaped Video™ and Faroudja DCDi™ progressive scanning

Advanced Features

* Yamaha patented 5-disc carousel "PlayXchange"
* New design GUI on-screen display
* Official DivX® Ultra Certified product
* RS-232C interface
* MP3, JPEG, DivX and WMA playback with navigation display
* JPEG/MP3 Simultaneous Playback for Slide Show
* New remote unit for easy operation


* Gold-plated output terminals (all AV terminals)
* JPEG/MP3 simultaneous playback for slide show
* Direct disc search via remote unit
* CD Text display
* Virtual Surround
* Power on and Standby discrete button
* Speaker configuration and Bass Management
* 3-step dimmer
* Screen Saver
* Resume (10-Disc Memory) Play
* NTSC/PAL conversion
* Disc Lock Function

New Design GUI On-Screen Display
The DVD-C961 makes operation extremely simple by displaying a variety of clearly new GUI (Graphical User Interface) menus right on the TV or monitor screen. It's easy to select and adjust any desired function with the remote control.

Yamaha PlayXchange
The DVD-C961 5-disc carousel DVD changer gives you the benefits of extended playing time and direct selection from all discs. And with PlayXchange, you can change discs while the current one continues to play. You don't have to interrupt the movie or music to change a disc and you're not limited to changing only one disc at a time. What's more, when you press stop, the tray opens all the way, allowing you to change all five discs at once.