Yamaha DVD-S2300MKII DVD Audio/Video Super Audio CD Player

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha DVD-S2300MKII DVD Audio/Video Super Audio CD Player


* Plays DVD-Audio/DVD-Video/SA-CD/CD/VCD
* DVD-Audio/SA-CD Circuit Completely Independent (Auto or Manual Selections)
* MP3 Playback Compatibility
* DCDi Faroudja Processing
* Bass Management Processing
* Video Off -SA-CD: Power Down All Video Operation, DVD-Audio: Video Off Key
* Progressive Scan Video Output
* CD-R/RW Playback Compatible
* Dual Laser Optical Pick-up System

Audio/Video Processing

* Genesis Intelligent Source Detection System
* 192kHz/24 Bit Audio DAC for High Sound Quality
* DTS and Dolby Digital Decoders
* 54 MKz/12-Bit DVD Video DAC
* 3-2 Pull-Down Converter
* Video NR (Noise Reduction)
* Digital Audio Output Signal -DVD-Audio (48kHz/16 Bit) -DTS (Bitstream/PCM (DVD-CD) -DD (Bitstream/PCM)VSS, Virtual Surround Sound/Headphones VSS
* Advanced Surround Mode (DVD Only)
* Cinema Mode Selection
* 30p Video Compatibility

Versatility & Convenience

* SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD+RW/+R, DVD-RW/-R, CD-R/RW VCD and CD Disc Playback Compatibility
* MP3 (Multi-Session) Playback Compatibility
* Easy Operation Through On-Screen Menu Icons
* CD/SACD Text Display

Other Features

* Auto Power Off
* Program and Random Play
* IR Port
* Parental Lock Function (DVD Only)
* Extended IR Codes Compatibility
* Large Disc Stabilizer
* Anti-resonance Double Top and Bottom Covers
* Shock Proof Memory