Yamaha DVD-S2700 DVD-Audio/Video and Super Audio CD Player

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha DVD-S2700 DVD-Audio/Video and Super Audio CD Player

Magnificent Audio Performance

Advanced Features

* High rigidity, high vibration damping mechanism
* Large transformer exclusively for audio section
* Top class 192kHz/24-bit audio DACs(2 channels x 4)
* Audio Direct mode
* Luxurious design with luminescent remote unit
* MP3, JPEG, DivX® and WMA playback
* RS-232C interface for a touch-panel controller
* Wide screen mode selection

High Picture Quality

* 1080p video outputs via HDMI
* Noise Shaped Video
* Faroudja DCDi processing
* High performance 216MHz/12-bit video DAC
* Progressive Scan (NTSC/PAL)


* On-screen display with GUI (Graphical User Interface)
* Gold-plated terminals for all pin jacks
* Detachable power cable
* Video Picture Modes: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness, DNR, Gamma, Chroma Level, Chroma Delay and True Life
* 3-step dimmer modes
* NTSC/PAL complete conversion
* Picture CD playback compatibility
* Multiple repeat play
* Program play
* Remote unit with luminescent buttons


Designed and Constructed for Superior Quality
The DVD-S2700 is not just another "high quality" DVD player. Every aspect of the circuit design, parts and even chassis were planned extensively with a view to achieving truly superior sound quality in the finest Yamaha tradition, based on analog two-channel sound. It was developed not only as a player for DVD movies, but as a component that delivers superb music performance.

The interior has independent chambers for the power supply, operational and video circuits, as well as separate covers, preventing any chance of interference between sections. The chassis is a highly rigid, reinforced frame that prevents any vibrations from affecting the sound. A large transformer exclusively for the audio section eliminates any possibility of sound degradation at the power supply level.

Four top class 192kHz/24-bit 2-channel audio DACs are used, while the audio circuitry is designed for highest sound quality, using high performance capacitors and other parts and painstakingly tuned by technicians who are obsessed with achieving the most "natural sound."

The result is a DVD player capable of bringing out the full potential of multi-channel audio sources such as DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD.

Audio Direct Mode
Selecting the Audio Direct mode cuts the video circuitry out of the signal path, so there is no chance of it affecting the sound quality. The front panel illumination is also turned off to prevent noise interference from the LCD.

Noise shaped Video™ and DCDi Progressive Scanning
NSV DCDi Logo This technology, from Analog Devices, uses oversampling and advanced techniques such as multi-bit sigma-delta processing and bit-shuffling to improve converter performance by moving converter noise to an area of the spectrum where it can be removed by an analog filter. This improves the accuracy of signal representation, allowing images to be displayed at much higher resolutions.

Other advanced technologies used to maximize image quality are Faroudja DCDi Processing, Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction, Cross Color Supression, Aspect Ratio Conversion and TrueLife Enhancer.

216 MHz/12-Bit Video DAC
This new high performance video DAC ensures superior image quality with all video sources.

Advanced Features

Luxurious Design
The design of the front panel conveys the distinct feeling that this is a luxury component. Not only the overall elegant look, but the fact that it has aluminum panels and cleanly finished aluminum caps on the operating buttons.

RS-232C Interface
An RS-232C interface is provided so this player can be controlled via computer in a custom installation.

Wide Screen Mode Selection
Two modes can be selected for optimum viewing on widescreen monitors via HDMI and component video outputs: Non-Linear Stretch and Pillar Box. Non-Linear Stretch helps minimize distortion of a 4:3 picture by trimming the top and bottom to make it closer to a 16:9 picture.