Asus P1-PH1 Barebone PC

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Asus P1-PH1 Barebone PC

The Pundit P1-PH1 is large on style and multimedia power, yet takes up little space. The P1-PH1 leveraged a host of industry-leading specifications for building an all around multimedia powerhouse. When space is at a premium, the P1-PH1 will also be the most fitting fine works for your precious desk real estate.

All-Around Multimedia Machine
The Pundit P1-PH1 provides rich features for multimedia applications. DVI output, D-sub, S-video, TV output, S/PDIF input/output, 5.1 channel audio, a CF card reader and 3-in-1 card reader (MS, SD, MMC) are just some of the excellent offerings.

Recover Pro-Your Files are in Good Hands
No need to worry about losing your data due to virus attacks anymore! The ASUS Pundit series is equipped with the Recover Pro software that assures dynamic and continuous data protection. It automatically creates multiple restore points for easy file recovery even without booting OS.

Latest in Personal Computing
The Pundit P1-PH1 featured the latest in personal computing technology to raise productivity.
Support the 64bit Pentium 4 CPU up to 3.8GHz.
Support Dual DDR2 667/533/400 memory
Video powered by ATI's Radeon® X300 graphics engine

Creative Space Utilization
The Pundit P1-PH1, with its creative slim design, is a perfect space-saving solution for cluttered desks.

ASUS Q-Fan Technology
ASUS Q-Fan automatically adjusts CPU fan speed based on system loading and temperature to ensure a quiet and distraction-free working environment.