Asus P2-P5945G Barebone PC

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Asus P2-P5945G Barebone PC

Leather texture revives your sense and warms your heart. P2-P5945G, with the elegant and slim design, enriches your life by providing rich features for multimedia applications.

Leather Collection
P2-P5945G, with the leather texture and slim design, is a perfect space-saving solution for your cluttered desk and a work of art for your home.

Interior Space Evolution.
Combining mechanism and MB design, P2-P5945G is only 8.9L with all the necessary functions you need. Its creative slim design, is a perfect space-saving solution for cluttered desks

Optimized Acoustic and Thermal
With ASUS unique Q-Fan technology and interior fluid machnics design, P2-P5945G can work stably and quietly even operates under heavy lording.

All-Around Multimedia
The P2-P5945G provides rich features for multimedia applications. DVI output, D-sub, S/PDIF output, 8 channel high definition audio, card reader (CF, MMC, MS, SD) are just some of the excellent offerings.

Recover Pro - Your Files are in Good Hands
Stop worrying about losing important files! P2-P5945G is equipped with the unique Recover Pro software that assures continuous data protection. Automatic creation of multiple restore points allows P2-P5945G to easily recover files without entering OS when the system is under virus attack.