Asus Pundit-R Barebone PC

Asus Updated: 2008-11-26 RSS
Asus Pundit-R Barebone PC

Getting bored with the generic-look of desktop systems? If that is the case, look no farther than ASUS, Pundit desktop barebone system.

So smooth and cool
With its sleek, silver and futuristic appearance, the Pundit simply exudes style and class. The all-new desktop barebone system also offers a black front panel, taking users away from this world of generic beige desktops.

Robust performance
Pentium 4 3.2GHz+ CPU on 800MHz FSB
Based on the ATI RS300 chipset
Supports DDR PC 3200/2700/2100 memory
PCI Riser Card supports 2 stand size add-on cards

It's feature packed
The Pundit's full-featured integration includes a 4-in-1 card reader (SM, MS, MMC, SD), TV-out function, 5.1-channel and S/PDIF for quality audio, IEEE 1394 ports, PCMCIA slot, USB2.0 and more…

Save your desk space
Coming in a compact 91mm(w) x 357mm(d) x 275mm(h) casing, the Pundit is an ideal solution to save your precious desk space.

DIY friendly
Flexible configuration and an easy-to-take-apart design make the Pundit a gift from heaven for DIY enthusiasts. Expand and upgrade your system to satisfy the most demanding computing tasks.

Maximum security
Ever lost your data? Ever had someone use your PC when you are away? An optional X-Wall security function provides the best protection for your data and privacy by encrypting the entire hard drive bit by bit with NIST certified DES/TDES real-time encryption engine. Only the one who has the correct secure key can access the hard drive, even if the hard drive has been removed from your PC.