Asus T3-P5945GCX Barebone PC

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Asus T3-P5945GCX Barebone PC

ASUS professional RD teams put their effort on mechanical design and thermal solution. T3-P5945GCX can support high-end VGA Card and 2 HDD Bays within a mini tower casing. Considerate sliding door design takes care of users' need by hiding I/O ports for an elegant look.

Powerful media Performance
T3-P5945GCX supports FBS 1333MHz of Intel Conroe CPU, and builds 8 Channel Codec inside, not only increase your working efficiency, but also meet your nitpicking demand for sound at the same time.

Considerate Sliding Door Design
Unique sliding panel, designed by ASUS professional ID teams, hides the front I/O gracefully and leads PC in the design direction of new generation with fashion and succinct style.

Exciting Gaming Experience
The compact size of T3-P5945GCX can support powerful VGA card to enjoy extreme gaming and joyful multimedia.

Swivel Chassis Design and Clean Cable Management
Because of the flip-over chassis design & nice cable management, it's very easy to install and repair the PC.

Smart PCB Module Design
Integrated several I/O parts into one PCB card and the PCB card can be slotted into the main board without any connection by cables. It's easy for repairing and testing
Powerful Performance and Speedy Platform
Support PCI-e x16 graphic card, the supreme transfer rate is 8GB/s, 3.5 times faster than traditional AGP8X graphic interface

Support Dual DDRII 667/533, up to 4G
Support SATAII interface, the transfer rate is 50% higher than traditional PATA interface

ASUS Q-Fan Technology
Q-Fan automatically adjusts CPU fan speed based on system loading and temperature to ensure a quiet and distraction-free working environment.

Recover Pro - Your Files are in Good Hands
No need to worry about losing your data due to virus attacks anymore! T3-P5945GCX series is equipped with the Recover Pro software that assures dynamic and continuous data protection. It automatically creates multiple restore points for easy file recovery even without booting OS.