Asus Terminator A7VT400 Barebone PC

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Asus Terminator A7VT400 Barebone PC

Maximizing PC performance in a smart and cost effective way, ASUS Terminator A7VT400 supports Sempron 3000+ with AGP 8x interface and 6-channel audio thus providing optimized computing capability while satisfying your multimedia needs and applications.

Powerful performance optimizes working and multimedia applications
ASUS Terminator A7VT400 supports AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU with integrated on-board 2D/3D graphics, 6channel audio, and 10/100Mbps LAN controllers that altogether enhance your working productivity and multimedia experience.

ASUS TriOptix form factor
The ASUS TriOptix form factor is a well-thought-of design, which takes into consideration the three major parts of a desktop system - motherboard, housing, and power supply. It drives all these parts to their optimal states at the least cost.

ASUS Swivel design facilitates easy assembly and expansion
The modularized swivel chassis opening design presents users with effortless and easy device installation and upgrades. Everyone can easily become a professional DIY maniac with the ASUS Terminator A7VT400's easy assembly feature.

Simple and Easy Assembly!!!

No more struggling over space limitation
60% smaller!!! ASUS Terminator A7VT400 provides optimized performance raging from the compact and minute system. The space saving design, only 60% size of normal micro-ATX towers, allows users to have more freed up desk space for paper notes and picture frames instead of a chunky system taking up all the space.