Asus V2-PE3 Value Barebone PC

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Asus V2-PE3 Value Barebone PC

V2-PE3 offers practical functionality for both home users and enterprises. Combining trustworthy performance and essential features, the V2-PE3 micro-tower is a high-performance PC built with the budget conscious users in mind.

Flexibility to support DDR or DDRII
There are two dim slots for DDR and two for DDRII. You can choose what you need now and upgrade in the future.

Double Layer Frame
V2-PE3 Barebone is more than just a PC that you hide under the desk. It is a fusion of technology and aesthetic. The double layer frame is a unique design that enables V2-PE3 series to blend in with any interior designs with practical space deployment and stylish appearance.

Expand Depending on Your Needs
Ideal for basic computing to more complex multimedia entertainment, V2-PE3 provides excellent scalability catering to various user needs. With three PCI slots, one AGP 8X slot and two optical drive bays, system expansion for multimedia entertainment and high-speed computing is a simple process.

Dependable Quality
ASUS subjects its desktop barebone systems through a series of stringent quality tests to provide the very best in performance, stability and compatibility. Even the electromagnetic level is tested and improved to limit interference with other devices to provide a superior computing environment.

Recover Pro - Your Files are in Good Hands
Recover Pro is an always-available recovery tool. It stores user data, applications and the operating system in the host-protected area of the hard drive. Users can easily recover system to their original factory conditions or to a more recent state without restore CDs. No need to worry about losing data due to system crash

Anti-Virus Solution
ASUS, understanding the importance of data safety, bundled industry-leading anti-virus software to assure your files are protected against outside attacks.