Asus Vintage Value Barebone PC

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Asus Vintage Value Barebone PC

The ASUS Vintage can be turned into an ultimate super multifunctional PC by simply utilizing the great expansions offered. It's equipped with three PCI slots, one AGP slots, two 5.25" ODD bays, two 3.5" external bays, two 3.5" internal bays and six USB 2.0 ports. Besides, ASUS Vintage series adopts the standard u-ATX M/B, which means you can easily upgrade into preferred platforms no matter it's Intel, ATI, nVidia, SIS or VIA solution. And users can simply upgrade and purchase any standard component off the shelf.

The ASUS Vintage offers also 800MHz FSB support so the system can provide for up to 3.4GHz CPU. With the high-end specifications, ASUS Vintage aims for a complete revolution in PCs, placing power and performance all in the hands of the user!

Product Features

3D Gaming and multimedia
Upgrade this PC into a multimedia machine with expansion support through 3 PCI, 1 AGP and 2 optical drive bays.

Upgrade Flexibility
The Vintage series is specifically designed for different hardware configurations to support the most popular chipset platforms (Intel, ATI, nVdia, SIS or VIA)

Smart Buy
The Vintage series adopted the standard uATX motherboard, meaning you can upgrade by selecting any components off the shelf. No need to replace the entire system to enjoy better performance.