Dell Inspiron 537 Slim Desktop PC

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Dell Inspiron 537 Slim Desktop PC

Everything you want and nothing you don’t. The Inspiron 537s Slim desktop gives you the power to personalize everything down to the chassis color.
* Complement your style with a choice of 8 vibrant colors
* Choose your power with up to an Intel®  Core™2 Quad processor
* Position its slim design vertically or horizontally in a media center

Make It Yours
The new Inspiron 537s desktop is everything you want and nothing you don’t.
Available in 8 vibrant colors, so you can complement your style or stand out from the rest.
Plus, you can build your desktop according to your needs with your choice of multiple Intel®  processors and hard drive options, as well as other customizable features.
So whether you are surfing the web, emailing friends and family, watching your favorite movies or blogging about it all, the Inspiron desktop can handle it.

As Unique As You Are
Stand out or blend in. The option is yours with the new Inspiron 537s, Dell’s first desktop with a customizable chassis.
Available in 8 vibrant, high-gloss colors, so you have the choice to make a statement or complement your style with the Inspiron 537s desktop D all for a price that looks good.

Fun Features
The Inspiron 537s desktop is optimized to provide the entertainment features you need for a price you want.
And its slim, versatile stature allows them to be placed under the TV as a complete media center solution.
Listen to music, watch TV, play your favorite movies and even view your digital photo albums all by using the Inspiron desktop as your media console.

Watch your screen come to life with the integrated Intel graphics or optional discrete graphics that further maximize your viewing experience.

Hi-def view
Immerse yourself into a cinematic experience by connecting to a HD monitor or TV with the optional HDMI port. Plus, watch your favorite Hi-def movies with the optional Blu-ray Disc drive.

See it, love it, save it. Store your favorite music, photos and video using a single hard drive with a large storage capacity.

Media card reader
Quickly transfer your digital photos and music from your digital camera with the optional 19-in-1 media card reader.

Backed With Power
With the Inspiron 537s desktop, you can have the power as you want.
Take basic computing to a new level with the Intel®  Celeron®  processors.
Ideal for multitasking environments, Intel®  Core™2 Duo processors are designed to help reduce lag time while running multiple applications.
Or tap into powerhouse performance with optional Intel®  Core™2 Quad processors and up to 8GB10 of RAM.10 The choice is yours.

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