Dell OptiPlex 740 Desktop PC

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Dell OptiPlex 740 Desktop PC

Companies looking for the most energy efficient design more power from advanced graphics and easy manageability across a network, powered by AMD processors.

AMD Business Class: Designed with business in mind to deliver the best value on the market.
AMD Business Class
AMD Athlon

Operating Systems
Genuine Windows Vista®  Ultimate
Genuine Windows Vista®  Business
Genuine Windows Vista®  Home Basic
Genuine Windows Vista®  Downgrade Rights Service (Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Bonus) - Genuine Windows®  XP Professional loaded

Dual Channel DDR2 Shared Memory
Available DIMM Slots:
Four Memory slots offering up to 8GB
Memory Bandwidth:
800MHz - 12.8 GB/s with dual channel
667MHz - 10.7 GB/s with dual channel

Hard Drives
SATA 3.0Gb/s
SATA 3.0 provides 2X the bandwidth of SATA with a transfer rate of 3Gb/s.
RAID 1 Data Security
The new Dell OptiPlex 740 offers options for RAID 1 Data Security. The optional configuration provides an additional hard drive that mirrors the data on the primary drive. Contact your sales representative for more information.
Capacities up to 250GB3