Dell Precision T7400 Desktop PC

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Dell Precision T7400 Desktop PC

Businesses looking for the fastest, most scalable workstation available at Dell, dual Xeon processors, quad monitor support, up to 128GB memory, and high-end graphics, and dedicated workstation support.

Ultimate Performance and Scalability
The Dell Precision T7400 is an ultra-high-performance workstation designed to maximize performance and scalability. The Dell Precision T7400 features the newest, and most powerful, multi-core Intel®  Xeon®  processors, as well as advanced memory, graphics, and RAID options to power through the most complex applications. Dell partners with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to certify system and application compatibility so that your applications can run gracefully right out of the box.

New Heights of Scalability
The Dell Precision T7400 is in a class of its own among Dell workstations. The T7400 climbs to new heights of scalability by supporting dual-graphics, up to 64GB of 800 MHz fully buffered DIMM memory with higher bandwidth quad-channel memory architecture, and up to two 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® Xeon®  processors. Memory scalability up to 128GB (available in Q2 2008 with expected availability of 8GB FB DIMMs). Because business needs differ, the Dell Precision T7400 delivers great flexibility in system configurations to meet your needs into the future.

High Performance = Max. Productivity
Choose from the latest Intel 64-bit multi-core Xeon processors with up to 1600MHz Front Side Bus to power the Dell Precision T7400. The Dell Precision T7400 is designed to scale as your application and workload demands change. The new Intel®  Xeon®  quad core processors, with up to 12MB cache and up to 1600MHz dual independent Front Side Busses, provide up to 12.8GB/s bandwidth path for data between processors, memory and chipset.

Outstanding Graphics Performance

The graphics offerings on the Dell Precision T7400 can handle the demands of 2D and Open GL 3D operations for engineering, architecture or design applications with ease. The Dell Precision T7400 offers a wide range of high-performance options, including dual Native PCIe Gen 2 x16 slot support and up to 225 watts graphics card. Use the Dell Precision T7400 for MCAD, visualization, and digital content creation, configured with multiple monitors for ultimate efficiency.

ISV Application Certifications

Dell partners with leading ISVs to certify system and application compatibility so that your applications can run seamlessly on Dell Precision workstations, featuring 25 active certified ISV's and over 60 application certifications. Through rigorous testing, Dell targets flawless compatibility and optimized performance in demanding work environments such as computer-aided design and engineering, digital content creation, and financial trading. ISV compatibility ensures maximized, out-of-the-box reliability with ongoing compliance and support.

Flexible Storage
The Dell Precision T7400 supports the use of two optical drives – and with up to five (SATA) hard drives can yield a potential total storage capacity of 5.0TB2, providing drive space for the largest file-data with room to spare. The Dell Precision T7400 provides advanced hard drive technology with SATA and SAS drives offering an ideal balance of high capacity and outstanding performance. The optional PERC 6/i PCI-e SAS/SATA RAID card provides support for RAID 0, 1, 5, or 10, to enhance I/O performance and keep your critical data and applications secure.

Energy Efficiency
Helping to reduce total cost of ownership, the Dell Precision T7400 is available configured to meet Energy Star 4.0 and Energy Smart certifications, and features maximum flexibility power hardware for global use. A high level of power management, combined with 80+ efficient Power Factor Correcting power supplies, flat panel displays, Intel multi-core processors and Dell's thermally efficient chassis design, can help conserve your resources and the earth's resources at the same time.

Optimized Solutions
Dell offers complete customization of all Dell Precision workstations. Factory integration can accelerate system deployment, allowing selection of various settings during the purchase process; including partitioning, boot order, BIOS settings, and more. A web-based image management system, ImageDirect, enables the creation and management of custom images for loading on your system, even remotely.